I can squat 90kg and deadlift 120kg, is this good?

I've only started to go the gym about 3 weeks ago - 2/3 times a week. I also eat plenty of proteins and have gained 4-5 kg since.

I weigh 92kg, I'm 6''4 and 21 years old.

Is 90kg squat any good? What about 120kg deadlift.

My mate, who is quite hench, who is the same height and been to the gym longer than me can't squat more than 90kg... I'm astonished that I'm that strong.

Is this good?


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  • I'm more concerned about that fact that you gained 4-5kg in under a month, that's not a good sign. I don't know if you changed your meal plan, started eating more, or what, but you need to cut it down, a lot. You're already at a pretty healthy body weight, so there should be no need for a significant amount of extra calories. If you're gaining weight faster than a rate of 1kg per month, all that extra weight is fat, not muscle gained.

    In other words, as far as a beginner for weight lifting goes, I'd say 90kg squats and 120kg deadlifts is a pretty good start! The fact that your "experienced" friend can't lift that much means one of 3 things: Either you "cheated" and didn't lift the weight properly (proper form for a squat is all the way down "ass-to-grass" and maybe you only went part way down), your friend weighs less and naturally lifts less (people who weigh more can naturally lift more), or your friend has been lifting and eating wrong all this time and that's why he isn't getting any gains.


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  • Hard to squat heavy when you're tall, I know those feels!! lol

  • I squatted 250kg in high school

  • What are those in pounds? And it can be form or ur genes bro. Keep killin em

    • Well my mate is definitely in a better form than I am.

      His bones are smaller though, much smaller, I can't imagine how big I'd be if I was in his sort of form.

      90kg= just under 200lbs and 100kg = 220lbs

    • That's good enough for begginer brah, keep killing em and ud be bigger

  • Do you have good form and squat all the way down? I see people who stack on the plates on a barbell when they squat and only squat partially and only have moderately muscular legs. I see absolutely jacked thighed dudes who are only squatting 170lb but they squat so far down. Form > heavy weights

    • Yes, I went all the way down for 4 reps and then I had to give up lol#

      I've done full squats on other, lower weights though..

      I've noticed those kind of guys a lot at my gym.