Why are Black girls so sensitive on GAG?

Every time there's a question on what type of girls a guy is attracted to I answer:
White, Asian, Latino, Arab or anyone else with light skin that has a height of at least 1.75 meters (5 feet 9 inches) but no more than 1.8 meters (5 feet 11 inches) with big boobs and big ass.

Suddenly a shit storm occurs. I get called racist because I like light skinned women and not dark skinned women. As if I'm supposed to find at least one Black woman attractive or I'm a racist. Well I don't, I've seen many Black women that have been considered attractive by others that just weren't doing it for me. I've never had an erection from a Black girl and I doubt I ever will, much as I'll never have an erection for a man.

I have nothing against Black people. As some of you may know I'm an egalitarian. So calling me a racist is extremely inaccurate.
Egalitarianism does not mean that I find women of all races equally attractive. No one does. Some prefer Whites, some prefer Asian and so on.

I've had girls tell me they're not into White guys and I didn't care I just moved on.
Why do Black girls care so much?
They can always find someone that finds them attractive. It's not like my opinion is a representation of an overwhelming majority and even if it was, shouldn't GAG hold opinions that aren't favourable so you can learn others perspectives?

Otherwise I feel like there's way too much positive reinforcement and not enough criticism which doesn't allow the person to grow. Instead they close themselves off with positivity because they can't handle negative views.


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  • One reason I would day black women on this site who are sensitive to those comments are the ones that have hope of finding a white guy. And getting disapprove from one person can hurt because it could mean others feel the same way. I seen a asker ask earlier, why do guys feel the need to say they don't like black women even if that had nothing to do with the question? It isn't so much of you denying them but how you deny them. It is almost as if you are disgusted. This is all my opinion tho.
    Quite frankly, I don't care. Good question.

    • Thanks for your response :) it's the most informative so far.
      As for 1 person saying they don't like something it doesn't mean that a lot of people feel the same way.
      For example: I don't like Hawaiian pizza because I don't like pineaples. If there was a pizza party and the organizer asked me if I like it and I said no, it doesn't mean he/she shouldn't ask other people if they want it. There are plenty of other people with a different opinion. I don't speak for everyone.

    • True, but not everyone thinks that way. Some people believe the viewpoint of one is the viewpoint of all. Just something I noticed.

    • Thank you☺

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  • There is an atmosphere that surrounds a lot of black culture that tends to play within the field of victimhood, and it causes people who identify with that narrative to be very sensitive as a result.


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  • I don't care, but on this website black people do seem to get torn down a lot.

  • Lmao, I don't care about whether other races of men find me attractive if I don't even find them attractive 😂😂

  • I get the same hate when I say I'm definitely not into fat people.

    Sorry not sorry, that's how it is.

    Don't worry.. I mean, we have the right to like something.

    Many men have said stuff about Latinas and I'm like "okay dude" and I move on, I suggest you girls do the same. Not generalizing, I'm calling out only those who get butthurt by this.

    Don't change a thing and keep speaking your mind.

    • Well fat people have great personalities I'll give them that. Date whomever you like.
      Always great to hear from you Amy ;)

    • Oh man.. What happens to you.. Happens to me, I could never get wet by overweight people.

      And same goes to you.

      And thanks! Likewise 😁

  • we don't care

  • There are just so many butthurt black people in america. That's the image I got from the internet. Even when things have no relation to race, black people seem to manage to make it all about race. Asians never do that. People constantly stereotype Asians openly as this and that, and they never give a single fuck. Only blacks seem to take offense from everything and make it seem like the world is against them when it's not just you guys who are suffering from racial prejudice.

  • are you a white male? honestly just put urself in the position of girls who always hear it from every angle all their lives how lighter skin is more beautiful. people hear this in childhood too and even in textbooks, its light skinned bodies. porn is also dominated by light skin. they hear the praise both from light skinned and dark skin peopel. yes, soemtimes dark skin hears complimentts but not the norm. it takes a toll on a persons psyche esp on someone who lives in a multi cultural land like the USA and wants the attention from other races of men too. sometimes u justt dont feel good enough and that gets u sensitive. think about it, skin covers SO much surface area. its the largest organ u have. if thats not good enough, thats your whole body's worth.

    but u know, sometimes u may be confident too. people have more diverse beauty standards today than ever before. its progress. truth is everyone has preferences and thats great and normal, but if the same preferences are stated over and over about features you can't control... how are u expected to feel? i dont think its to single u out only but deeper than that. its just the mentality these sensiive girls are targeting. i am not black by the way, i have tan skin.

    • I guess some people just have weaker mentalities.
      I've always been told that I'm stupid and wrong but now idgaf if people don't like me since there are others that do and that's all that matters.

    • ya some people are more beaten down by what they hear, because they hear it more. its hard to empathize unless u have been through it. its something i dont think most white people understand, but maybe some do. yea bro do what you want and say what you want and prefer what u want, but let people criticize you as they want too. know there are repercussions with how u say some things. its how a civil society works.

    • Of course and I accept the consequences that come with it.

  • But we don't care about what you're into brah... So how are we sensitive about it? .3.

    • Not you specifically but a lot of Black women on GAG for some reason.
      I keep telling them that my opinion is just that mine and they shouldn't take it as a universal standard.

    • I don't think I've seen that happen, but if anyone's being antagonistic just report it.

  • Its just a few people on gag. In real life i dunno!

  • I honestly don't care...

  • Nobody cares about your opinion of us, baby dick. You reek of insecurity and hate. This was unnecessary. Most black women I know don't even have white guys on their radar. Don't flatter yourself.

    • @WhatTheHellAmy this is most likely some loser who was bullied by black kids in high school and now he resents the entire race. You're too small minded to realize all black people are not the same and most of us don't care about white opinions.

    • Well anonymous girl who knows absolutely nothing about me.
      My size is quite satisfactory as for being bullied by blacks that just never happened. I never really lived in an area with many black people so I rarely got the chance to talk to them. When I did, I met a couple of cool people and a couple of boring people just like any race I guess.

  • Because there is always some racist/racial or connotations/laced with subtle degrading attached to most if not all of these ridiculous "Black girl questions like this one maybe.

    • Please explain. I have nothing against Black people. Why is not finding someone attractive racist?
      Isn't personal preference up to an individual?

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  • Because the black women here are the same as black women in real life because they are the same black women.

    Walk past a black woman.

    Black woman: "Oh no you didn't just walk past me!. Tell me you did not just walk right past me!"

    You: "uh.. I was just walking past, I don't see wha..."
    (Black girl interrupting): "Oh you don't see? You don't see because I'm black and it's dark, is that what yo white ass is saying? You don't see me because I'm black? You be careful cracker or I might just see fit to bust a cap up in yo white ass!"

    • What is the cause of this ghetto attitude?

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    • I figured u were

    • @isthatarose As for authenticity that's like saying African Blacks are better than American Blacks.

  • I have no problem with black girls, But the skag nasty, disgusting white women online are starting to make me sick :|

    • Of course, a lot of black women online are pathetic, hateful and nasty bitches. But in general, what they do is none of my business. But sellouts make me puke, Andi see a lot of white ones online.

  • Black people in general nurture a sense of victimhood, and any perceived rejection or criticism from white people inflames that sense of outrage. Black women have pretty big egos to boot, so they don't take rejection from anyone very well. This sudden interest in white guys isn't even about them wanting to be with white dudes. It's all just validation trolling meant to prove a point to the large proportion of black men who've stopped dating black women.

    • I'm tired of your loser comments, I remember black girls always attracted to white guys, it's even the opposite in real life, only after years on internet and American media that I viewed them trying to force black men and white women when I never viewed white women attracted to black men in real life for years, the only girls really attracted always were black girls for white guys in my school and some blacks braging about their fantasies with white women but I never viewed white women having interest in blacks before the internet who could be a bunch of fakes and American media and all their things in general. I think you're always the same anonymous guy posting bs.

      But I agree that some black girls have problems in their ego because Americans wanted to create a fantasy to please the ego of black men in fetishes with other race while only use black women to give affirmation for black men when they don't want to see black women with white men to keep ego self-image fantasy invented.

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    • We aren't victims our ancestors were tho

    • @CoiledBlaq I know they were. Slavery was evil, but that ended 150 years ago. Black people today act like they're enslaved because they have to work at Walmart for $10 an hour.