Guys - Do You Ever Find That Women With "Lower Status" Are Attracted To You?

I'm 25, and I am a very hard working man... just a guy who wants the most out of life.

-I finished college
-I work as a Marketing Manager for a advertisment firm
-I have my own car and my own place
-I stay in shape and eat healthy
-I dress really well, and people are always complimenting on my clothes
-I do a lot of reading and writing as well
-People always tell me I sound highly intelligent and that I am very opinionated

I am not trying to brag about myself here, but I am just trying to give you as much detail as I can.

Anyway... I have always been a motivated guy since high school and always strived for greatness. However... it seems like all of my life, no matter what I do, it seems like women of a much lower status always seem to like me and chase after me.

For example, these 2 girls I knew in high school used to chase after me all the time and pine after me. One of them went to jail for 2 years for dealing cocaine and the other one went to jail for a while for robbing someone and is a single mom.

Even recently, when I go out to bars, clubs, Tinder... etc... I always seem to meet women who don't care about their future, are into drugs, have been in trouble with the law... but they are highly attracted to me.

I, of course, stop talking to these women after finding out about that stuff... but I don't understand how I attract these women.

Does this happen to other men as well?



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  • doesn't matter about "status" if you're good looking and fairly wealthy any woman will be attracted to you.
    it's not that they're the only ones attracted to you, you're hanging out in places that attract those types. how many people have met their husband/wife at a bar or club or n tinder?

    if you want a girl of your "status" perhaps look in a professional environment lol.

    • Those were just a few of the places I go, as examples.

      I also go to bookstores, the gym, take classes, etc... and I still keep bumping into these types of women.

      Most recently, in my fitness class, I met this cute girl and she seemed cool and we shared a kiss. After learning more about her, I found out she has a boyfriend who is a drug dealer -_-

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    • then just move out of the area if it bother you that much gosh. or let a little air out of your inflated ego.

    • You're right. Mg ego is inflated. I should just date women who do drugs, rob people and are in jail.

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  • its because women like to date out of their league. they can be a 7 with nothing really going for them but expect a 10 thats financially stable, has a car, a house or nice apartment, etc.

    this trend keeps going even down lower on the scale. a 5 expects a 7 but the 5 has no redeeming qualities and still lives with parents.


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  • You are attracting the wrong type of girls. Whatever your charisma is about change it


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  • It's just probably where you live man.

  • Yup. Fuck and dispose of. That's my motto.

    • Lol... I suppose you have a point