Anti eyebrow (teardrop) gave me a black eye?

Okay so i got my piercing on Monday, & the piercer person told me that I'm going to get a black eye because i have sensitive skin or whatever anyways yeah and since it's Thursday i have a black eye like i got it when i got the piercing but it wasn't that black you know & now it is but like its under my eye it's like a little curve or something but the question is it going too go away? & yes i been cleaning it by the way and if you can give me some details about it please cx i know i should never had gotten if i didn't really know about it much lol

by the way hasn't bled either it's basically all good lol its th black bruise i got and you knoe how they use some type of pen or whatever before they pierce it well the dots are kinda there will that take off too?


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  • It obviously will go away within time, it's just a bruise, the skin is really thin near your eye so the blood will be around it more visibly.

    • Is it normal for it to turn yellow? doesn't that mean it's healing? Because i put an ice pack last night & today it turned yellowish

    • Yes, it's just the stages of the bruise healing.

  • Which type of piercing? Eyebrow?

    • Na its the one by your eye like them liddo teardrop

    • Just Googled it 😂 won't be surprised why it would be puffy but why would it give you a black eyes? And the pen marks should get off too

    • I don't know bruh 😂 The piercer person told me i had sensative skin that I'd get a black eye i mean it don't look that bad but bothers me cuss i look terrible cx but yeah she said that & i asked a few people who had the piercing & they said yeah they had a black eye & it went away over a few days 😂 The lady told me to put an ice pack or something cold😂