Why do cops always stare at me?

When I was at school this man and woman cops just kept staring at me, they didn't even try to hide it. When I was walking home from school, these other group of cops kept looking all up in my face. I looked at them and they just kept staring. Are they racially profiling? Are they stalking me? I just feel weirded out by it.


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  • What were you wearing?

    • I was just wearing a dress, nothing inappropiate because we have dress code.

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    • Yeah, I know that but they didn't do it to anyone else. Only me.

    • How would you know if they didn't do it to anyone else?

      And it's not racial profiling unless they act on it. People are fully allowed to have racist thoughts, but they're not allowed to act on them

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  • Always or just that occasion?

    • I'm not sure, I've just started paying attention today.

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  • You probably look like your up to no good by being self conscious and staring back. Looking all suspicious

    • Lol. I felt it would be rude to just ignore them.

    • Well that's it lol

      You probably look like a deer in the headlights looking all suspicious. Just ignore them, they won't bother you for nothing.

      If it was 1980's then yea its different

    • I didn't notice it, until a friend pointed it out. She said, "why so the police officers keep staring at you?" And I've started to notice, now.

  • How often does this occur?
    Do they do anything else besides look at you.

    Is there any particular reason they might look at you?

    • I just noticed today. No, they just stared all day today. I was walking past them and I turned around and saw them still stare at me.

    • Oh OK, if that were to happen everyday and by every police then I think it would be odd.
      But this just seems like a one time occurance.

  • What's your situation? Every been in trouble with the law? Do you look like someone who would get into a lot of trouble? Maybe it's just the vibe they're getting from you.

    • I've never even been sent to detention. No, I don't think I do. I dress very girly and sophisticated.

  • This is where you break out the camera and record.


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