I'm being blackmailed and hacked on kik by guys in another country... help?

So it began with one guy. It was a time when i was feeling really bad about myself and wanted attention. So i gave the guy one pic of my chest. Then he asked for more and i said no. That's when it began. Since then he's gotten pics and vids of me doing horrible things i didn't wanna do. At one point i was so tired of being his slave, i finally got the courage to block him. When i finally thought i was free. His friend messaged me. Saying that my previous blackmailer handed all the pics and vids to him and he now has them. He also has seemed to hacked my my kik, snapchat, and Facebook. He said if i don't give him more pics. He will send what he has to everyone on my Facebook list. I'm so tired of feeling used, useless, and afraid. I don't wanna be their slave anymore, but i don't know what to do

And somr of the pics and vids have my face cause they made me put it in there even when i begged not to


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  • And this is exactly why girls need to stop being naive little shits and give in to requests from guys for nudie pics. I say live with the consequences and don't send any more. Or, just grab nudie pics of other people on the web. Change all of your passwords if you can, or better, close out the accounts or let people like Facebook know your account has been hacked.

    Stop being on most social media. The fucking Nigerians and Eastern Europeans are constantly "looking for love" or putting out "Hey KIK me" for reasons just like this.

    Again, I say do what you can to close out your accounts. Even if the worst happens, who knows, maybe you'll become a reality TV star. That's how it got started with Kim Kardashian.



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  • Whatever you do, DONT SEND ANYMORE NUDES. Do any of these pics/vids have your face in them?
    This is what happened to Amanda Todd, they did all this to her, turns out the guy doing it didn't actually have anything on her until he lied and said he did and got her to actually send some as blackmail.
    Just block, block, block!
    You will only make the situation worse if you give in to their demands.
    Report them to the authorities or at the very least the app administrator.
    It's ok. They're not as powerful as you think.


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  • There was a girl named Amanda Todd, similar happened to her. Here is what Uncle Deadpool has to say. STOP FUCKING SEXTING. 100% of the time it's your own stupidity that get's you into this shit and with today's internet thingy nothing vanishes.

    Also your so called hacker is a lying shit sack. Hacking... Yeah, like that dildo actually has the technical skills. Any 1st grader can guess e-mail passwords or dig around for the crumbs that you yourself post on the internet.

    I tell you what. Contact POLICE. If he posts this shit on FaceBook, well it's your own fault to begin with. Boredom never excuses stupidity. Yeah people will see you masturbate and shit, but whatever. Fuck them. Move on with life and don't let some 12 year old dildo ruin your life.

  • " he's gotten pics and vids of me doing horrible things i didn't wanna do."
    How did he get them? I'm assuming you gave it to him...

    "He also has seemed to hacked my my kik, snapchat, and Facebook."
    I can assure you %99.99 that didn't happen. These are big name applications, they just don't get hacked that easily. They have top notch IT security staff.

    Tell me why do you feel that you were hacked and what phone are you using.

  • Let them send it. lololol You gotta do what they don't ever expect. Someone's got pics, so what? All anyone is going to do is whack off to them. Someone leaks them out? Shit, all everyone is going to do is talk shit for a week and they'll forget about it. You end it here or you drag it further and have a larger consequence.

  • You should report them to the police. Giving them more pictures and videos is stupid because it's just handing them more blackmail material

    • Even with them being from another country? also i don't wanna get my family involved

    • I think the only thing you can do is contact the police or maybe even the FBI and stop giving them what they want because they'll just keep asking for more and more and it'll drive you crazy

    • You really should've just stopped after the one picture. You're in much more trouble now because you gave into their demands

  • Ain't that some sh*t.

  • Do the pics have your face in them?

  • Chances are he's lying about hacking. At any rate report him to the admins of these services and change your accounts.


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