POF scam or leigt?

A 17 year old girl on pof contacted me and I wanted to be nice and not mean so I said hi back. She told me that she turns 18 in a month. Her last boyfriend was 25 one year younger than me. She asked to send dirty photos and honestly it was wrong for me to agree with it. (I'm not saying what I did was right because I know it wasn't. But the legal consent age in my state is 16 years old.) A few days later the father texts ma and tell me to call him or he would go to the authorities. So, I called him trying to work everything out and not get the cops involved. He wants his daughter to go to see a therapist and get consueling and wants me to cover what the insurance doesn't. I have no problem helping with my wrong doing. A buddy of mine said he has heard something similiar to this and it is a scam. What do you think?


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  • definitely a scam; though you could be charged with a crime ( yourself possibly it's unlikely (and the act of making the mark believe they have committed a crime is common to many scams)
    *in many jurisdictions the age of consent is younger than the age a person can be to appear in "pornography" (and even private photos can count)

    • I understand what you are saying but she is the one who instigated everything, but I guess it would still be blamed for everything?

    • No, that's what they want you to think (it's part of a good scam to convince the mark they can't go to the authorities). The authorities may appreciate you going to them as they may have scammed many people before you who kept it to themselves; and if the authorities do take it on it means the scammers can't try and get you for more money later down the track (you don't think they will give up if they get money out of you easily once do you?)

      But you did agree to receive photos that may (though somewhat unlikely) get you in trouble due to there content - that is something to be aware of.

    • I agree with you that they would not give up, but there were pics traded. If I did go to the cops would they try to prosecute me for child pornography?

  • Scam.