If you discovered me after I've shrunk to about 2-3 inches tall, what would be your reaction to me?

Just saw the borrowers last night, the movie about tiny people living in the floorboards. 😂

I think I'd be freaked out if I found real tiny people like that!!! 😂😂🔍🔎


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  • I'd be scared to step on you accidentally

    • Then you will just have to put me somewhere safe LOL

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    • Ok! That'd be cool. I could live in there!!!

    • Is there anyone in your house who i might want to avoid? If so I'd have to stay in the dollhouse lol

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  • i hadn't a reaction.


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  • I saw them in youtube. The real ones.

    • It was kind of a fun movie lol

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    • Yeah babies are all about fun n curiousity. Lol

    • Not even babies, but think of a 8-11 year old. They'd probably want me as their toy or pet, and I don't think I could negotiate.

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