What kind of forehead is more feminine? Large or small?

I can't decide like the small forehead to me would seem masculine, but the larger forehead doesn't seem to feminine either.

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  • I think neither.

    A lot of the perception of "large" or "small" forehead has to do with eye placement and hair line, and neither are necessarily more or less naturally-occurring in women.

    The one difference between men and women in terms of cranium is that women tend to have a more recessed skull around the brow area. So they tend to have a less prominent brow than a man, and a woman with a very prominent brow might be considered to have a somewhat "masculine" feature there, though it might suit her very well nevertheless and she might look pretty.


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  • A forehead is a forehead. It's like asking if a shin is feminine or not when it just is what it is.

    • 💀 well not really, like there is such thing as a "feminine" forehead. Like google diffrence between female and male faces and you'll see

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    • Bruh oh my lord this is dumb, I'm trying to understand your prespective forget it

    • You're trying to understand my perspective by lying about what you said and then telling me that I'm wrong because I don't post like everyone else?

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  • Of always wanted to marry a complete fathead, yet I've always been attracted to women whose foreheads meld seamlessly into their eyebrows.

  • Foreheads that fit the girl are feminine.


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