I'm getting my braces off tomorrow and I'm scared?

I have kind of small teeth, medium sized I guess. I've had braces for 1 1/2 years and I'm getting them off tomorrow. I'm nervous and scared because I feel like I'm going to look ugly? I didn't brush my teeth at night that much like I did but not as much as I was supposed to (however I did and do brush every morning), I didn't floss very often and I rarely wore my rubber bands. Will my teeth be ugly? Will I have stains on my teeth? If yes will they take the stains off? I don't know what to do please help and don't be rude!


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  • You should be fine. If there'a a little bit of yellowing you can whiten your teeth.
    Many years ago I dated a girl with braces. I didn't even notice when she got them off.


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  • You'll be just fine, I promise. The braces were there to make you look better!


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  • I don't think your dentist would decide to take your braces off if your teeth were ugly and still needed fixing. I'm sure they're not. Relax.

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