A Different Kind of Generation: What is an Adult Baby?

Imagine a world of adults that act out as babies. Is it wrong, what is there reasoning and could it actually help with mental illness such as depression or attachment issues? Many people are beginning to ask such questions. Why? It's not a simple question to answer.

You've seen it on the television show "My Strange Addiction", an adult who has lived life as a baby. Odd? Quite.

It seems however, this different kind of generation has many reasonings as to what they do, and yes, they wear diapers, suck on pacifers, and also wear onesies and sleepers.

Psychology began recognizing something known as age regression therapy, a therapy in which one is basically hypnotized to get over hard to access memories in which have tortured their inner being.

Also in psychology, many have learned about depression, anxiety disorders and may have experienced paniac attacks as well as attachment issues.

While being an adult baby has yet to be further investigated upon, it seems that it may actually be something very therapeutic as adult babies may have experienced neglect as a child, or some other form of suffrage as younger individuals and the reason as to why that is may surprise you. Although by realizing what an actual baby needs and comparing it to these "adult babies" it may already give you an understanding or lack thereof.

Would you become an adult baby for therapeutic reasons?

Comment below and tell us what you think.


Psychology has yet to recognize what an adult baby is. Anything mentioned is purely opininated and should not be taken for medical advice or seriously. A Different Kind of Generation: What is an Adult Baby??A Different Kind of Generation: What is an Adult Baby??A Different Kind of Generation: What is an Adult Baby??A Different Kind of Generation: What is an Adult Baby??


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  • I hope you realize that we see adult babies every single day. The ones who are party hardy to the day I die, the ones who do drugs and smoke till they end up with cancer, the ones who refuse to get a job or at least start a business, the ones who don't want to take care of their kids out of wedlock, the ones want premarital sex, but don't want to pay the consequences for having sex, etc. Its called a 'regressed mindset'.

    But what their talking about as far as that however is indeed a mental illness at its worse. They will need a LOT of therapy and prayer, and be shown how to live a normal and healthy as an adult should be.

    • Thank you kindly for your opinion. It means a great deal to the research behind it.

  • nope. never.

    • As this is still an unidentifiable research, we'd like to know your reasoning behind your opinion. Please feel free to reply.

    • you're not gonna like my answer.