Is it weird to give him cookies?

Is it weird to give him cookies?

So there's a guy at the place I work, older guy probably in his early 50s, real quiet. I was chatting him up yesterday and asked how his Thanksgiving was he said he worked and didn't do anything because his family is on the their side of the country. I asked if he did anything with his wife, cuz he wears a wedding ring, but he told me he doesn't have a wife... so he must be widowed

That got me thinking, like when was the last time this dude had homemade baked goods and stuff.

now my question is, Is it weird if I gave him some of the Christmas cookies I make?


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  • No! Awe that's honestly so sweet! You should write him a card with the cookies and explain how you're making them for him because you understand that his family lives far away. That's so cute though like awe! Honestly though, what a sweet gesture on your part! I'm sure that he'll appreciate it.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • I don't think it's weird. It's a very kind and friendly gesture and shows that you're a very thoughtful person :)

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