I called but he didn't pick up?

I met this this cute guy off Tinder and it started out as a ONS but now have continued seeing eachoher. We met one year ago now so it's been a long time. We have no label and we're like friends with benefits, and have amazing physical chemistry. During end of October to mid December he randomly stopped talking to me and message me around Christmas. It started off again a little cold, but now it seems like when we hang out we've been getting closer lately. He was never into making out with me and just used the excuse "he's weird like that", but now he just started randomly kissing me. And He always texts me first.

After coming in from doing a bit of groceries together on Thursday (ingredients to make cookies together). Then he jokingly said he wants a key to my apartment. I was like "haha why" and he said "I'll give you the key to my heart". Was he joking? I asked him if I'll be seeing him next week again he said "maybe, text or call me though". He wants me to contact him this time and said giving him the cookies is sweet of me when he left.

Totally worried we're getting really close and he doesn't feel the same way basically. Finished work late last night and called him at 10pm, but he didn't answer. I didn't text or leave him a voicemail. And I didn't get a text from him this morning either. Will be call me back?


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  • I wouldn't worry, most of the time what dudes say is just bullshit and he hasn't answered the phone because he's busy or doesn't wanna talk. Simples.

    • Alrighty. You don't think I should text him tonight being like "eyy called you last night!"

    • If you want to, do it!

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  • I can't take that app seriously for shit lolo but ok you should just ask him what's up instead of asking us. Communicate with that motherfucker fam tell him how you feel. If you don't like his response break it off. You don't have time to waste


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  • You're overthinking this. Sometimes people don't answer their phones. He could have been asleep or busy. If you're really worried, call him and leave a message this time. ONE message.


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