Why does he call me and then hang up if I pick up on the first ring?

I became friends with a guy that I was four years ago in love with and we exchanged phone numbers. If I called him when he wasn't home, he would return the favor later on. but if he called my house and I picked up the phone on the first ring, he would hang up. Sometimes he would call back, and other times he would never call back. When he came over to my house to see me he would call my house to let me know he was here and if I picked up the phone on the first ring, and he would hung up. Then he'd wait 5 minutes and call again.

He never rang the doorbell when he came to my house. He would always call me on the phone and quietly let me know that he's arrived. I asked him why he does this and he says it's because he feels awkward ringing my doorbell. WE were kissing and making out for three months. Then one day he just cut off all contact with me, without any reason or explanation. I called him a jackass and he took me off his friend's list on facebook.

Yesterday I sent him a text message asking him if he knew any good bars in mississauga because my friend was visiting from out of town and he wanted to go to a bar. He didn't reply to my text message. Today somebody called me and I picked up the phone on the first ring. I asked 3 times who it was that was on the other end of the line and they didn't tell me. there was just silence on the other end. Then I hung up the phone. Do you think it's him? My parents don't have any friends. No one ever calls our house.


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  • Sounds like he has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. People with OCD will do odd things and they can't help themselves from doing it. His manifestation is that he can't speak to someone if they answer on the first ring. Maybe? I'm just guessing. There may be something there regarding doorbells too.

    I knew one person with OCD and they couldn't pass by a door without touching the doorknob. He knew it was odd and was very good at keeping it hidden. If you knew it was there, then it was easy to see.

    If you're having any contact with this friend, then I would suggest that you get used to the odd behaviour and not answer the phone on the first ring.


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