How is kicking a man in the balls any less wrong than hitting women?

I don't get why there are so many opinions by girls on here that say that men deserve it for some reason other than self defense, or just because he pushed her once, or shit like "Yeah, I did it a lot as a kid, LOL 😂 sorry men all over the world! I realize now that, although it is funny, one shouldn't do it." or "Yeah, I did it to my brother when we were younger. LOL!" , stuff that basically makes light of it or shows no regret.
Sometimes there's justifications like "It won't kill him!". Yeah? Well neither does slapping around women or spitting them in the face kill them. Doesn't make it ok or funny.

How is that any better than a guy who used to beat up girls as a boy, and then talks this remorselessly about it?

And if a woman should be allowed to kick a guy in the nuts for punching her, then a guy should be allowed to punch a woman in the belly for kicking him in the nuts.

Not because I fucking WANT to do it, but because we should be WORTH THE SAME!

All the people who say I just want to hit women can fuck off.
What I want is to be worth as much as women and for an attack on my body to be as punishable and despicable as an attack of the same severity and outcome on a woman's body, especially when we're talking about the genitals.
A female perpetrator deserves no more compassion than a male one, just because she is smaller and doesn't have a dick.

If groin kicks or castration on TV are acceptable as humor, then so is men hitting women so hard they collapse and rape too.
And castration is about as funny or justified as sticking a knife in a woman's vagina multiple times. Don't care what you think. Men are worth as much as women.

Just because you don't FEEL anything, or are even amused, when it's a guy who collapses, doesn't mean it's less bad.
It just means they're less worth in your eyes, even if you wouldn't say it like that.
How is kicking a man in the balls any less wrong than hitting women?
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