Why do so many girls think kicking guys in the balls is ok?

I mean, good for the ones who say that they would only do that in self defense.

But there are SO many who excuse this with stuff like "Oh, it was elementary school, so..."
"I was only 13" , "Yes, but only my brother, it's normal for siblings" like that would be an excuse for boys to punch girls in the face or grab their boobs!

Or some say they did it while playfighting, and the reason they regret it is NOT that their brother or friend COLLAPSED AND CRIED in pain, but because they got in trouble. Like what the fuck?

Some say they did it because they were pissed off, some because they just wanted to see what would happen!

Like what the hell are guys to you?
Yes, guys are bigger and stronger! But when it comes to KICKING ORGANS DANGLING IN A SKIN SACK, how is that any better than hitting girls?

Seriously, I think girls who do that to guys deserve a good hard punch in the stomach.
That'll hurt them less, and put them in less danger of serious injury, than the guys they kicked, but maybe they'll stop treating them like LESS THAN ANIMALS. I mean it.

Sorry for asking this question so often, but I just can't get over this.
It's not the fact that they do it that disturbs me, but that they are so fucking PROUD of it, and that they can admit to this stuff without being chastised or any repercussions!
No, I'm not one of those perverts.
I just find this extremely disheartening.
Why do so many girls think kicking guys in the balls is ok?
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