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How does getting older make you feel?

Today is my birthday and I wanted to ask something fun yet insightful for a change-

As you get older, does your birthday make you feel better or worse about yourself, affect how old or young you feel, or make you reflect on how your life is going?
Or does your birthday leave you feeling depressed?

For those of you that are my age or older, feel free to share some words of insight that you have learned over the years or think someone in their mid 30s should know.

Or you can share a random birthday meme with me! I'm just looking for some fun and laughs today :)

I am 35 years old and honestly? I feel good! I'm in great shape and health, and not to brag but I look better now than I did in my 20s. Plus I have my job, good friends and family supporting me every day.
To celebrate my birthday, this morning I jogged 5 miles, jump roped, AND did a full body strength training session for an hour... and I didn't die! 💪
How does getting older make you feel?
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It's also @gandolph3 birthday today as well! Feel free to wish him a happy birthday too, along with anyone else that has a July birthday on here.

Also, thank you to everyone that sent me birthday wishes. Y'all are so sweet~
How does getting older make you feel?
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