Emoji insecurities, anyone else have them?

So i have this insecurity (maybe silly or not) where say if a person normally uses emoji's while talking with you, well if they ever say something without the emoji it makes me feel just a tad uneasy and like i maybe said or did something wrong. i don't make a big deal out of it or ever really say anything about it, but yeah i just get used to seeing emojis on each message so when its not there suddenly its noticeable.

In person while talking to people i got their facial expressions to work with, but over texts or dms we just got emoji's to help convey a persons mood either towards you or in general. so I tend to use them often so people just get what im feeling at any given moment.

:( :) :* ;) :P ;P
this guy posits that emoji's are changing the way we communicate with one another generally and for the better. pretty interesting watch.
Yes i have them
No i don't have them
With certain individuals i have them, but with others i don't
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Emoji insecurities, anyone else have them?
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