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How does it feel to see the person you bullied at school again?


I believe that people who bully never regret it, but I am curious what a person feels when they see again after a long time that the person who was the victim of their insults has now become very attractive. For example: in first and secondary school there was always a small group of boys who told me that I was ugly, and now on the contrary, I flirt a lot and most men find me attractive, because I have grown and changed a bit. Even one of those boys who sometimes laughed at me at school, when after several years he found me on social networks and saw my photos, he wrote to say hello and said: “You look so cute”. And he proposed to have sex with him but obviously I said no.

And then, there was one day when I ran into another man on the street who also made fun of me at school, he greeted me nicely as if we had always gotten along and said, “You look beautiful now. I would have you as a girlfriend right now."

I think these 2 boys will remember how badly they behaved towards me, because I don't think they have such a bad memory that they don't remember that I was the object of their teasing. Won't you now feel even a little embarrassed and ridiculous to remember that you called me ugly so many times?

How does it feel to see the person you bullied at school again?
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