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👮have you ever done anything illegal/criminal 👀?


if yea what?

for me i used to shoplift so so much when i was 14-15. mainly food and clothes. did a couple times too when i was older than that. last time i stole anything was 18 and i think it was a cheap necklace or ring. also when i was in middle school i'd steal people money in their lockers and backpacks some times.. yea... also stole my school counsellor credit card..

i also stole some money from people's lockers at the local gym and from some rich people's bags once at an event when i was in high school

also technically sent cp of myself to people when i was underage, and lied about my age then to get discounts or go into 18+ places. also many times in high school i'd cheat at the metro station, like i'd jump over the bars thing and not pay

also when i was 15 i tried breaking into a neighbors car in their yard to steal money cos the dude would leave his wallet in there (was closed though) and technically in that process went through multiple people's yards and also that process i cut through someone's fence to go to the next garden...

and the usual underage drinking and smoking

also took drugs before, last time was when i was 19

for the last 2-3 years been a law abiding person though

👮have you ever done anything illegal/criminal 👀?
👮have you ever done anything illegal/criminal 👀?
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