What does delivery report: Not Requested mean for a text?

What does delivery report: Not Requested mean? It's a text, I always get a Delivery Report saying, Delivered or Received! This is the first time I receive one saying Not requested. Does any one know what does it mean for a phone text?


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  • Means the other person didn't get your message

    • You sure? When I send a text that didn't go through it turns grey & when they do get them it turns yellow & on top it pops out saying Delivery Report Delivered then it says received. And I resend it three more times & it still says Not Requested!

    • Well I'm not 100% sure.. But I think I am right haha... Owh right hmm maybe there is just some network problem or something wrong with the other persons phone

    • I'm pretty sure that's what's wrong bad service.

  • what phone/service are you using that sends this message?

    maybe it means the other person's connection is down at the moment


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