Is my boyfriend a racist?

I think my boyfriend is a racist but I'm not sure. I know he laughs when stereotypes are true and I do too, they can be funny. He's educated and like 90% of his friends are white, which doesn't say much I guess since that was what he grew up with mostly. The other day he noticed my lotion was of a vanilla scent, but I told him no it was cocoa butter. He asked me why I wore that and I said because I like the way it feels better than the others. Then he said that I smell like an old black lady and it's giving him a headache so he asked me to stop wearing it. Also, whenever there are black people being loud he shakes his head and says black people. I get annoyed too, not because they're black but because they are being loud. What do you guys think?
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Update: He just admitted he was a racist because he strongly believes in stereotypes and he didn't care. He said white people are always number 1. What's ironic is that I am not white and I thought it was funny.
Is my boyfriend a racist?
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