Girls having your phone under your skirt?

So, in my literature class yesterday (in college) there was a girl wearing a skirt like this link that was that short on her. link We did what we usually do every other class and put the desks in a big circle to talk about the stories we had to read. She was sitting directly across the room from me. At first she was sitting was a legs not crossed and had her hand pushing down her skirt in the middle. Then she crossed her legs after a few minutes. She was sitting like that link but her legs were a lot skinner then that girls and in the opposite direction, so that I could see her whole thighs basically. link Like that kind of view, but it a skirt, straight on with skinner legs. Anyway, I noticed something pink under her skirt, which I assumed was her underwear, but after 25 minutes, she changed how she was sitting and she moved her pink phone from under her to sitting next to her leg. I understand for some reason people have to text in class but isn't that odd? Also, why would you wear a skirt that short to class?
Girls having your phone under your skirt?
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