Is it socially acceptable for Asian women to be underweight?

I like skinnier girls!

I have found that most of the girls that I really like are Asian. Some of these Asian girls are VERY small and skinny. Often to the level that would be considered anorexic in the USA. That is, American women have to having an eating disorder to be that skinny.

It doesn't seem these Asian women have eating disorders though. Some might, but many are just very thin naturally and with a particular diet.

So, two questions:

Is it more socially accept in Asia to be underweight?


Is the low Asian weight acceptable because most are not getting there by doing dangerously unhealthy things?
Part of the reason I thought about this question is because I started to date a 21 year old Chinese girl. She is skinny but has a nice healthy body. She eats like 5 meals a day.

She was saying that she was shocked that here in the USA she wears a size XS and often clothes marketed to teenage girls. Where as in China she wears a size medium. She is generally on the medium small size of other Asian girls I have seen.


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  • It's the diet and the regular exercise. Very few have mental issues with food, they just don't eat fatty food, meat, and don't intake as much sugar. They aren't anorexic either, just naturally small-boned.

    Don't they look fabulous?

    It's not acceptable to be overweight in Asia. Your own friends will call yoou out and say you're fat, they don't sugar or fat-coat it and tell each other they are curvy.

    • The cultural thing is probably the difference.

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    • haha I said that! (referring to first comment)

    • I should add, that being in China for 5 months, family members and friends tell you that you look like you gained weight. They are commenting on their overall health. It is not like in the USA calling someone fat.

      But back to the thin Asian women, it is all in the diet.

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  • They wouldn't be considered anorexic here unless they are. Anorexia is not just being skinny it's actually an disease. link link I hope you see the difference

    It is not more acceptable in Asian countries to be underweight. In fact when I have been there I've always been under the impression that they really focus on a healthy lifestyle. Not too skinny and not too heavy. They have different eating habits from us that makes most of them slim but not underweight. Most Asian girls are NOT underweight. They may be at lower end of a healthy BMI but a reasonable bodyfat percentage of 20%

    • @update. newsflash: sizing system in the US is totally screwed up. I'm sometimes too small for XS and fit well into teenage sizes. A big part off fitting into teen clothing is your height and a lot of Asian women are short.

      Marylin Monroe was a size 14 or something in her age now she'd be a size 2 or 4. She had 22 inch waist, A&F defines a 23 inch waist as size 00. Asian sizing systems just work differently, that's no surprise due to the different build of Asian women. However

    • that doesn't mean they're underweight or anorexic. I don't even know how you could possibly make that conncection?

    • Regarding Marilyn Monroe, the sizes were different before.


      I am saying that they look great and that OTHER AMERICANS think or say they are anorexic!

      I think they look healthy. I am asking about other Americans opinion on their weight.

      We completely agree with each other!

  • don't assume those girls didn't get there by doing unhealthy things,plenty of Asian celebrities say that they eat a lot and rarely exercise,yet later on it's revealed that they basically starve themselves.,so a lot of girls probably feel like they should appear to be effortlessly thin too. but yes,in asia,most girls that are seen as attractive are underweight.

    • that is just not true. If you're 5'4 110 lbs is a totall healthy weight and 105 won't kill you. Most Asian celebreties I know are around 5'2 and 105 lbs that is not unhealthy. Why would anyone say it is? I hate it when people say that. A girl called me anorexic once but I'm just not and it's hurtfull

      If that guy really like underweight women though, I hope he'll stay alone forever

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    • exactly they quit usually after less than a month.but we watch celebreties for years and if someone doesn't eat enough (this includes the calories they need more for working out) it def shows.

      Admittingly it's true that you could live off pizza and fries and be at a healthy bmi but I doubt asain celebreties do

    • The Asian pizza and fries diet! lolol

  • Anorexia is an eating disorder, not a weight problem.

    And Asians are typically smaller in stature and frames, so they carry less weight and whatnot. Just because they aren't fat like the typical average American woman or man doesn't mean they're underweight or anorexic.

    • You misunderstood what I said entirely.

    • No, I didn't. You're interpreting it as them being underweight, when they aren't. They're at HEALTHY weights, but to the typical American they're perceived as starving and underweight

    • You do agree with me then. You should have said it like that.

      So Asian women will get looked at as if they have a problem, when they dont.

      "To typical Americans they are perceived as being underweight"

  • It's actually a BIGGER health risk to be underweight than it is to be obese. At least when you're obese, you don't risk breaking every bone (to the nerds, that would be all 206 of them :-P) in your body by simple accidents like slip and fall. According to doctors, the optimal BMI is 19-24, these girls you're talking about probably have a single digit BMI.

    • I am pretty sure that nobody can have a single digit bmi. I am surprised you would not know that seeing that you know how many bones are in the body.

      But honestly, I was concerned about this and looked up anorexia. Basically, the worst cases I read about were with girls who had a BMI of around 14. And that is the WORLDS worst cases. So single digit is impossible.

      I am talking about girls with BMI from 17.5-19

    • In that case that would be "moderately underweight". Ok, maybe they'd be safe from massive damage to their bodies then. Your call, you like them, go for it.

  • It bothers me that you bring eating disorders into it. Anorexic body types are unacceptable in our society for VERY good reason. Do you know what an actual anorexic body looks like? It's not this link . It's this link .

    Asian girls are smaller in general and it's possible that they tend to be naturally thin more often. But that's not to say that unhealthy diets aren't still a problem there. It's also not to say that there aren't many naturally thin American girls.

    • People call Miley Cyrus anorexic. They call other women anorexic all the time, and these girls are not as thing as a fairly common Asian girl.

      What I am saying, is that is it acceptable to be underweight BECAUSE they are naturally thin and eat well?

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    • I agree. Asian women are generally thinner. More importantly, the Asian women staying thinner longer.

      It seems like American girls can only stay thin if they are younger.

      So, mid 20s Asian women compared to mid 20s American women ...Asians are almost always thinner.

      I am not talking about teenage girls here.

    • Sorry, but how is that agreeing with me?

  • East Asian women are not anorexic at all and I often seat with them in food courts or restaurants inspite of their appearance they do eat much more than you can imagine. It is their ethnic make up or genetics especially those belonging to the Han group some of them are just naturally skinny.

    Narrow hips, small bust, narrow shoulders and small butts

  • Really my (hypothetical) friend is 5'5" and 64 lbs do you like her? She has a good personality but no energy to do anything? Is she too fat? She wants to lose weight her measurements are 29-17-30

  • I think it is acceptable for them to have that kind of size. I mean it is traditionally culture that Asian women especially the Chinese have a smaller figure (e.g they wrap their foot to stop it from growing cause in their culture, it is more attractive) Did you know the smallest waistline is measured to be 15 inches? I think this is because someone used a corset for too long. The point is, for Asian women, it usually is their normal or standard size, which is different from Americans because of their culture and traditions (like how often they eat, their daily routine). I'm not sure if you consider Indians and Muslims as Asians (I do) but they're affected by culture and society too ( like not eating in Ramadan). Hope this helps!

  • 0|0
    • those pictures are crazy! lol

  • Many of them naturally are smaller in build and muscle mass

  • love Asian women too <3

    are they underweight? typically yeah but they have a small body structure so that might be why they don't weigh very much plus they come from a culture where I think they worry more about there own personal health overall from what I've observed, are they considered Anorexic? naw not in my view, they actually look really healthy, I cannot speak for all of Asia but as far as Japan goes yes it is socially acceptable, I know because my mathematics teacher is from Japan I talk to her about social norms over there, she is very skinny ha ha pretty looking girl and smart! :D

    • they look healthy because they're typically NOT underfat

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    • no underfat. Underweight is determined by BMI which can be misleading. Underfat by bodyfat percentage which is more accurate

    • awe I see

  • I don't find them very attractive, but whatevers acceptable to you is all that matters.

  • Says you

  • Better watch out dating those 21yr old Chinese girls. My Korean friend is dating a Chinese girl, and she told him that all the Chinese girls on campus are looking to date White guys so hopefully they can get citizenship after Grad school and dump them after two years.

    Just an FYI

    • I don't think that always happens.

    • Certainly not *always*. But don't be oblivious to the fact that it is very common just to protect ego by thinking you're a special exception.

      I don't say any of this acrimoniously. Just kindly warning a fellow to keep his eyes open.

    • I understand. :-)

  • First of all anorexic is not a size. Some Asian women do have eating disorders. Eating disorders are just limited to the USA and being skinny doesn't exclude Americans either.

    Asians have lower bone density and muscle mass, also generally shorter so that's why they tend weigh less. Unhealthy is unhealthy no matter where you are in the world.

    You have issues.

    • I don't think you understood the question.

      So I have issues if I like skinny women? And these skinny women are HEALTHY and other people, NOT ME, call them names for being skinny?

      You have jealousy.

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    • You do!

    • I have a specified focus for thinner girls, but not an Asian fetish.

      And besides, how would you and your friends know what person they are supposed to avoid? Who do they think have the fetish?

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