How do Asian men feel about south Asian women?

I live in Toronto and I see quite a few east Asian women that are with south Asian men, but I never see east Asian men with south Asian girls. Why is that? I am a south Asian women and I find east Asian men very attractive but I am way too shy to make any sort of move.


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  • not sure I understand. maybe being shy is the issue not the attraction based on geography.

  • I've actually thought about this in the past. I do find Indian and Pakistani girls attractive - but they seem so different culturally! I do try but I find it hard to fit in with an Indian crowd, for example. And especially Pakistani girls - most are Muslim and I can't really relate to that beyond their good looks. Indian girls can be great but my real issue with any inter-cultural/racial relationship is, is she open-minded and self-aware enough to see things from my perspective (as I would do for her)? I mean, you can't really have sustainable inter-cultural relationships without being empathetic and open-minded on a humanistic level that is deeper than cultural affiliations.


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