Is being smart more important than being attractive?

I myself think being smart is more important then look's well I judge my personality there are some people that I can assume what they would be like to know them like "judging a book by it's cover" but in my opinion when come's down to it I would prefer a guy that is average and more intelligent they a handsome hunk with no brain. I have talked to several of my guy friends about 1/2 of them said that they would date a girl for her look's they wouldn't care about how horrible her personality was or how dumb she was there isn't exactly a definition of "dumb" you only seem dumb if you can't answer a easy or question or if you ask a dumb question? I mean seriously my friend Moriah she is so pretty but she can be very clueless at point's. And she knows it but she is a great friend! I think that being intelligent is more important because I wouldn't have a gorgeous hunk in my life I would be fine with a average guy. Most of the handsome guy's are noticed more than the average one's. But I think that sometimes average guy's have a better attitude. I know a lot of guy's that are cute but have horrible personalities a few of them have cheated before. But they can't speak for everyone else. What do you think is more important look's or intelligence? :)
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sorry if I made any mistake I was typing too fast and I may have messed up a little bit :)
Is being smart more important than being attractive?
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