Nice Guy and Nice Girl: Fully Analyzed


Now when it comes to life, how we go about experiencing life and how others perceive us is often swayed heavily by our looks. People who are born good looking would experience more positive aspects of life such as increase chance to get hired for a job and promoted, as well as, increase opportunity to socialize and a consequence of this is greater exposure to members of the opposite sex and chance of getting a mate.


Now when it comes to the nice guy we have 3 groups of men.

1. The fake nice guy - The guy who usually is a asshole to most people except the girl he is trying to win over. He'll put on the pretense of being a nice guy and if the girl rejects him he takes off the mask to show his true face.

Nice Guy and Nice Girl: Fully Analyzed

2. The good guy - The guy who is good looking and is a nice person. This is the ideal guy that most women want to date and marry. The reason this guy doesn't get shit from men and women for being nice is because people don't question or think he has some ulterior motive for being nice. To clarify, a guy who is good looking can be an asshole and get the girl, he can be nice and get the girl also. So when such a man acts nice no one suspects he is doing it to get into a girls pants because he is a good looking guy, he doesn't need to as they would say pander up to the woman.

Nice Guy and Nice Girl: Fully Analyzed

3. The Nice guy - This guy often get bundled up together with the fake nice guy by both men and women. This guy is usually average or below average in looks. When such a guy acts nice towards a girl, both men and women suspect he is doing it for ulterior motive similar to the fake nice guy to get sex and relationship. The reason this comes about is the lack of looks. People perceive that the nice guy is basically bargaining and trying to elevate his level of attraction in the girls eye by being nice to her and showing her just how much she cares for her and it could never be because he genuinely is a kind person who is nice and likes helping people.

Nice Guy and Nice Girl: Fully Analyzed


Similarly when it comes to women there are 3 types of nice girls:

1. The fake nice girls - Usually these girls put on the pretense of being nice to select few of people. This could be their boyfriend and close friends, boss, teacher, or in general someone they perceive on their level of social status, looks and wealth or higher. They might even go a step further and extend the pretense of being nice to everyone by doing charity work so they can take pictures of it and post it up on social media so people can know just how nice they are. However, when the cameras aren't on them and they are interacting with someone they perceive as lower than them they bring out their true self and turn into bitches.

Nice Guy and Nice Girl: Fully Analyzed

2. The good girl - The girl who is good looking and genuinely a nice person. This is the guy's equivalent for an ideal mate. This girl doesn't get questioned for being nice for the exact same reasons as the good guy.

Nice Guy and Nice Girl: Fully Analyzed

3. The nice girl - A girl who is average/below average in looks who is nice to people. The nice girl unlike the nice guy doesn't raise suspicion from people for being nice for the following reason:

Nice Guy and Nice Girl: Fully Analyzed

1. The whole nice guy campaign was created by feminist to demonize men and it has infiltrated people minds so badly that any form of niceness in men is lead to be suspect. While for women being nice (tied to nurturing qualities) is associated with being feminine and so when a woman acts nice people just assume it's just her displaying her natural femininity.

2. Sex and relationships is easier for women and women go about trying to win a guy over in different way. Many women when they want to win a guy over put on a combination of displaying the best girlfriend act of their life and give up sex very fast for the guy they want. They put in their best pussy game so the guy would have a compulsion to want to have sex with them again and see them again.

Nice Guy and Nice Girl: Fully Analyzed

In combination with putting on the best girlfriend act they can think of they believe that they can win said guy over for a relationship. When this doesn't work out and the guy just takes the sex and leaves many women have a reaction and feeling similar to the nice guy being rejected. They lash out and accuse this guy of using them for sex when in most cases he made no intent of wanting to be in a relationship with the woman.


when it comes to interaction between the sexes the whole thing is tied to babies (even if you don't want kids). Women often put more weight in wealth and social status because they want to know a man can provide for her and her children. They also place emphasis on height for protection. Whereas, men place emphasis on youth, beauty and fertility because men want healthy children.

It's been shown in studies that a woman's attraction in a man' eyes goes up when she acts kind and this make sense because kindness is tied to nurturing qualities and this is what a man would look for in the mother of his children. Whereas, women who are young and without children kindness doesn't really increase your attractiveness; it's good but doesn't score much points.

Instances where kindness of a man increases his attractiveness to women occurs when women become single mothers or are old. For the former the increase value in kindness follows the same reasoning as men. For older woman it's tied to the fact that as women become older kindness becomes an exception and not the norm.

Nice Guy and Nice Girl: Fully Analyzed

As the video above points out. Kindness and special treatment from men tends to be the norm when a woman is in her youth. When women get older these things (kindness) begin to become less and less and because of this women tend to start appreciating kindness more.

Addressing the criticism of the nice guy

1. "Nice guys never approach the girl or ask her out"

Nice Guy and Nice Girl: Fully Analyzed

Nice guy may not ask a girl out immediately because they are unsure of where they stand with her at the time and don't want to scare her off. It's along the same lines of thinking as to why women often are too scare to approach the guy they like. And this is a legitimately reason because for some girls being too aggressive and upfront right away is a turn off (see German women) and could result in an automatic no then and there. Whereas, taking things slow and getting to know her improves your chances with her saying yes some time down the line.

2. "Nice guys try to guilt a girl into giving him pity sex and relationship by being nice to her"

Nice Guy and Nice Girl: Fully Analyzed

Nice guys do not think they are entitled to sex and love for being nice. The reason the nice guy is doing nice things for the girl is to show you he cares about heer for more than her body. He is actively trying to differentiate himself from the player and fuckboys who will spit sweet words to get women into bed and dump them soon after. By being nice, doing things for the girl, going out of his way for the woman he is basically trying to show that he considers her precious and special. As the old saying goes if you love something cherish and appreciate it.

3. "Nice guys try to weasel their way into a relationship via friendship"

Nice Guy and Nice Girl: Fully Analyzed

A nice guy may start out as friends with you for the same reason as addressed in point 1. He is unsure of where you guys stand and is not confident to lay his emotions and intent right away. And this is a natural human reaction of a fear for the unknown. It's analogous to you taking a big test and finding out results came out. On the one hand you have anxiety to go see it because you want to see how well you did (accepted) but on the other hand you have this fear that you might have done bad and want to stay ignorant and not see your result (rejected)..

Nice guys choose the friendship route because they often hear from society that women value personality over looks. So many of these men go the friendship route to display to the girl their awesome personality and do nice things for her in a vain attempt that she would see how special he is and reciprocate back that she likes him. And a big enforcer of this plan working are hollywood movies.

Women accountability and attacking of nice guys

Now women aren't as ignorant and oblivious of men's feeling and intentions like they would like you to believe. Many women are aware that a guy likes them and wants more than friendship despite her disinterest in him. They uses these men whether it's for attention, helping her out constantly with some task.

And when these men wise up and realize they are being used by this women they lash out at her. And rather than bowing out graciously that you did something shitty and own up to it. Many women instead choose to lash out and play the victim. They make a claim that the man was not really nice because if he was nice he would not have any expectations of wanting anything more than friendship from them; a friendship that is heavily one sided. And because he was doing nice things with the intent of trying to win her over then he was not really a nice guy but an asshole pretending to be a nice guy and therefore she is justified in using him like that.

Nice Guy and Nice Girl: Fully Analyzed
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  • lizziepooh03
    For the most part, what you proposed was happening and why it was happening is accurate at least until the end.

    Something you need to consider is that a woman can find a guy nice and attractive and just want to be friends with him and nothing more. She may never ever want to sleep with this guy. As for a man, if he finds a woman attractive and nice, he stays friends with her because of his hope of sleeping with her someday.

    This is why a lot of women will answer that men and women can just be friends and why a lot of men will answer that men and women can't just be friends.

    And like you said, as for nice guy and gal - nice men have it worst. Nice men are either confused with the guy that is nice because he is a doormat versus the guy that it is nice because he is really nice and just wants a girl to like him. Whereas, if a girl is nice because she is a doormat, men and society are more forgiving because it is more expected of her to be like that since that is how she survives life; being liked. This is why "nice guy" is considered a negative and "nice girl" is considered a positive.

    It is not fair but it is how it is.

    I once had an in-depth discussion on this topic and my conclusion was, for all the nice guys out there - drop nice from your vocabulary and describe yourself as a good guy instead of nice guy. That should at least solve the knee jerk feminist reaction to "nice guy". lol!

    Great topic.

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    • SinisterS

      Or just drop any interest in girls and be who you are not caring about what others think is better saying its nice guy or good guy or what ever. Problem solved. Ok all except one, girls will spit in your face every time they cry how there are no nice guys. But what the hell your not there to fix world... If some girl can actually see trough your mask and see who you actually are under neath your cold, distant and supposedly zero fuck given facade cool if not well c'est la vie more luck in next life if there is one.

    • If you women don't give a shit then why should us men even bother to do any fucking thing to want to get with you us men ain't the one's that got an attitude you women do

    • if us men didn't give a shit we wouldn't be speaking about it and trying to figure it out why us men can't get with you but ever time we do you women fucking stonewall us everytime

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Most Helpful Guy

  • lightbulb27
    Interesting take, I'll have to read this again... but...

    I don't agree with this:
    3. "Nice guys try to weasel their way into a relationship via friendship"

    The other bad boys/etc... really don't care about her... she's a thing and there are a bunch of things around. If they can get her, they will, else they move on. Girls... oh so many, fall for that.

    to me, a nice guy isn't sure of if he really likes her or not, so he takes his time. He's actually trying to make a decision to commit or not whereas the other guys probably have no plans to commit, that isn't what they do. They start at the passion/physical and see where it goes from there. The general process for the nice guy fails a lot, but for some girls it works. Because women are so sexual (some of them) and they are trying to figure out if the guy desires them, they can friend zone that nice guy. getting out of friend zone can be hard.

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  • Bluemax
    • Lol in this gif Michael Jackson looks like the second guy (good guy) with shit thrown over him 😂😂😂

      That guy is ridiculously handsome though

    • Curmudgeon

      @Healthnutwannabe2 It is sad about Michael Jackson. If he had just stopped at his "Thriller" stage, and not gone on to alter himself further, he would have looked all right

  • ObscuredBeyond
    The double standards don't end there.

    When a woman wants to deconstruct a man and tell him off, she can be totally off base or not even in the same county, let alone the same ballpark. But her "analysis" is always treated as spot-on, and the man is denied an opportunity to speak contrary to her verdict. No amount of evidence must be allowed to sway the hypothetical "jury" in any other direction!

    But when a man does it to a woman, he's some cruel, blackhearted, sadistic monster. Even if every criticism he launches is perfectly accurate to the last detail! He can totally destroy her image; but he's the one that gets hated.

    I'm reminded of the time that Britney Spears (was it Britney?) tried to creepshame a contestant on some show because he was pointing out the show's double standards, and he completely humiliated her for it. The show's heads tried to demonize him; but a lot of viewers at home started rooting for him when they saw how unfair it was.
  • Keepcalm89
    What an amazing literature. I sure have learned a lot, it sure explains a lot of things and why it happened the way that happen in some aspects in my life.
  • dwiller943
    This was pretty good.
  • Phoenix98
  • lazermazer
    Bravo sir bravo
  • Pacificblue62
    Girl #3 is pretty cute
  • Healthnutwannabe2
    Look like Marcello Alvarez and be a pleasant guy
  • Anonymous
    If she is "nice" and interested in just using people for se I'd feel the same way about her too...
  • Anonymous
    Good take and pretty spot on. I think there's a huge difference between being a self proclaimed nice guy and being told you're nice.

    One of the things I do hate most is if a girl loses interest and says "you're a nice guy, but..." I feel like that's beating around the bushes and has a negative stigma to it. Almost as if they're not telling you what you did wrong, and feel like you don't deserve to know or don't wanna hurt your feelings. While the truth may not be the best. I'd rather know the truth and not make the same mistake again then not know and make that same mistake again.
  • Anonymous

    Agree with the take.

    "Nice guys try to weasel their way into a relationship via friendship"

    These are fake ones. They create negative mindset about other guys (I didn't say other 'nice guys'; just guys. *lol*). Like recently I got called "sneaky bastard" by a friend of the girl I have liked for years. She said that I became friend of hers and other girls just to get into relationship. She also gave examples and I could understand why she felt that way. But that wasn't true for me as they initiated friendship with me and I had no intentions to get into relationship. Anyway, point is without having any intention guys get "friend just to get into her pants" for being a friend with girls.
  • Anonymous
    Pretty much the truth