Heartbreak and Health: Signs and Symptoms of Missing Someone


If you read my profile, you will see I have always believed that we humans adapt, grow and change over time. I have always thought that our heart being a muscle is flexible and that we really don't suffer from heartbreak. But after experiencing a few of them recently, I decided to look at the facts and learned the following:

8 things that Science says can happen to your body when someone leaves your life- or breaks up with you:

Heartbreak and Health: Signs and Symptoms of Missing Someone

1- Depression

2-Lack of Appetite

3-Physical Pain

4-Withdraw Symptoms

5-You get Motivated to Make a Change

6-You Feel Like You Don't Know Yourself

7-Your Break Up Can Cause Other Break Up's

8-Some Even Die from Stress Hormones

So as I tend to learn more and become more mature- I am finding out that you don't have to be a sentimental person to believe in broken hearts. Take old couples for instance that die minutes, hours or days apart; there have actually been neurology studies that show the regions of the brain that process physical pain overlap with regions of the brain dealing with anguish.

Take a newborn puppy from the mother and it will whine relentlessly. Take the same puppy, put him on morphine, take him from his mother, and it will dramatically decrease his whining. That same opiate that can help ease physical pain, seems to work on the emotional pain too according to recent studies.

Kick me in the groin or the shin, the pain will fade in a few hours, but tear my heart apart, and it may last a lifetime.

Heartbreak and Health: Signs and Symptoms of Missing Someone
Heartbreak and Health: Signs and Symptoms of Missing Someone
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  • capturemyheartnow
    When you are heart sick , everything inside you including your heart , stomach , brain , feel empty hollow and aching. You may feel broken , betrayed , gravely hurt or even close to death. Love know not it's own depth until you are completely separated from your love. But this is not the reason for you to remain lonely. Solitude will break you even more. When no one is ready to help you , you have to risk your heart again. The emotion that can break your heart is sometime the very emotion that can heal it. Just think that your previous path was not right for you and that you need to find your new path. Try to move in another new direction where you will find your happiness.
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  • coolbreeze
    Nice mytake and very great points.
  • Adigelunar