Pros and Cons About Relationships

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Pros and Cons About Relationships

Pros and Cons of relationships (imo):

1.) Sex

Pros and Cons About Relationships

Sometimes you get the feeling of doing it with a person and quitting fictional porn, but sooner or later you'll get bored, just like on those porn videos, where you can only handle the same video so many times a month and you comeback to that video after a few weeks, months have passed. So the advertisement is always good but don't let it fool you, it's good but not as good as you think. Plus not every sex is a good time, there's a lot of complications between them. They may have an ugly physical trait to them, or a disease, or they can't a lot of things regular people do because of complications they have. Either way you won't do it as much after your late 40s so sex is just a good temporary moment with so much effort that needs to make it worth it.

2.) Friends

If it's time spending with your friends, you will probably lose
half or maybe most of your current friends because of the requirement of spending time with your girlfriend. With your friends, 1 time per week is enough for them to consider you as a close friends but within a relationships, 1 day per week isn't enough to mantain the relationship. So you'll know a person from top to bottom or know enough of a lot of people depending on your commitment of your relationships, if you have one or not.

3.) Hobbies/Alone time

Pros and Cons About Relationships

You like playing video games, watching tv shows, movies, exercising, dancing, playing an instrument? These things will be obligated to have less meaning of doing them because you'll feel like you have to care for your relationships and the things that make you, you, aren't as important as your relationship because that can be replace at anytime if you don't work for it. There is a way around this and that is if your girlfriend/boyfriend loves the things you do and it's easier to do your hobbies along with her, so if you find one, you're lucky.

4.) Marriage

Marriage is an economically and political commitment. Why do you have to get married? So people know both of you are not available, forever? So your family celebrates one day? This is where trust comes in. You don't need to marry a person so you are sure you can trust them your whole life, you trust him/her or not, simple. Marriage makes the person feel more obligated to play a role. It feels like a crime if he or she does something wrong because that's what they wanted it all along. If a person is bound to cheat on you, don't put him/her chains so they don't do it, let it go and trust in your partner. Oh an child's custody is a big no no.

5.) Kids

Pros and Cons About Relationships

Yup. You may say you don't want a child, ever but a marriage makes it more comfortable and easier to make that happen. It depends on how you look at yourself. You want to leave something to this world besides you? Are you willingly to give everything and focus just on your family, because after that child is born, family is your top deal. That's the biggest thing you can do in life, raise a family but like I said, it's trade off. If you want to get that ultimate human goal, you'll lose everything else to it. So your choice.

6.) Emotional roller coaster

This one is simple. You'll feel good about it, sometimes you won't. You'll get tired and sometimes you have the energy. Not everything is constant in life.

7.) Loneliness/Soulmate

Not everything is a trade off in a relationship. Sometimes friends aren't enough and you want to tell things you couldn't tell them to someone closer to you. Spending time with your lover is unique. A friend could not give you the same experience if he/she is, than guess already what you two are buddy. So you get unique feelings that nobody could else could give you.

8.) Having someone to impress

This depends on the person. Some people just love the things they do and they do them no matter what. Others need that pushing to do it they best they can and that's through having someone to impress, although I suggest that you find a way to love what you do for you and only you because it's a way better healthy method to do it and your internarlly motivation will be better. I don't believ showing off with your partner is a good thing because even if he/she chose you, you should keep your self esteem individually, work on it.

9.) Interests

This one is just sad. Someone who chooses you for the money, the things you do, your attractiveness should not happen and you shouldn't let it happen. Don't be weak.
Being with someone is more than that. You share moments, interests, introduce yourself into new things. No gold diggers allowed.

10.) Modern relationships

Pros and Cons About Relationships

People tend to share their things through twitter, facebook and treat you like a medal. People are more than that. Todays relationships are like "yay I am in a relationship" I'm happy. The title shouldn't give you happiness. The person should.

11.) Poorly chosen love partners

Sometimes I don't get it. People see someone else as their life partner with so many flaws that will stop it from working sooner or later. People need to get better at choosing.

Now onto my personal choice:

I haven't been in a relationship, nor kissed a girl, but I have tried to get those things and it's been really exhausting. During high school I ignored it because I had no self esteem to pull it off so I never though of having a relationship. The thing is during that time, I found hobbies I loved and that made feel better for myself, get better grades. I did tried 3 times during college and my past has made huge scars that cannot be healed, they can be distracted in a way, but I will always comeback to its roots and I could not make a relationship happen

I don't trust anyone, I can't trust them to fulfill their duties, I will never feel I'm never getting what I need and I probably can't trade off the things I love to do for someone. I just love the things I do so sacrifice them like that. I do the stuff I do for me, not to impress anyone, or at least I try to because I find it necssary. I'd say this, even then your hobbies need to be shared with other people, happiness is shared with other people and doing stuff and things for doing stuff and things is not as good. You still need people in your life. Today's modern relationship aren't for me and I feel like I need to be a motivated badass to make everyone around feel good and not just one person.

Making your life, on your own,alone, a good life is a hard task, a rare task but I believe I can do it and give people back. That's what I'm doing. I'm building myself to be enjoyable by people I enjoy as well, have a good time with them, with no expectations from them because that's where everything falls off from me. I expect something, doesn't deliver and I GET MAD which is funny in a way because, I almost NEVER get mad at stuff.

Pros and Cons About Relationships
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  • "10.) Modern relationships"

    Hell yeah! This is like the second worst thing happening here after gold diggers. I will never understand how relationships are more about the facebook relationship status and liking other girls pictures rather than the actual relationship itself. 🤦

    I do not think much of relationships - most of them are either fake or fail early or fail for stupid reasons. I have been single my entire life, also kissless and I am a virgin. But I really don't care about it. Sure, it gets too lonely sometimes but it is what it is in the life of a single man.

    Nothing is warranted.

  • John_Doesnt

    I need alone time.

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