15 Tips on Keeping Your S. O. Happy 🙌

15 Tips on Keeping Your S. O. Happy 🙌

You’ve worked so so hard to get them... Now lets work even harder to keep them. No one likes having to repeat themselves more than once, especially when its about stating the things you want in life. (Believe me, I know. My boyfriend is like that badass child that you have to tell to sit down 5 times before just throwing a pillow at them to make them hit the floor.) Both of you signed up for this when you became a couple, so do your part in being a good significant other.

#1 Be An Interesting Talker...... And An Active Listener

15 Tips on Keeping Your S. O. Happy 🙌

In my relationship, I’m the main talker and i dont have too much of a problem with it because im a chatterbox. However, sometimes i do like to take a breather and hear what he's thinking as well. And even if not that, I do want him to provide feedback on what I just said. I mean, dont you hate when the person can't even restate what you just said to them because they were distracted by something else in the background? No one should have to beg the other to speak/pay attention. TAKE TURNS TALKING AND LISTENING BECAUSE YOU MIGHT JUST MISS SOMETHING ACTUALLY WORTH HEARING...

#2 Make Sure You Are Both in Your Comfort Zone

15 Tips on Keeping Your S. O. Happy 🙌

You shouldn’t always have to dress a certain way or look a certain way to impress your partner. You also shouldn’t always have to think/act a certain way when around them. Its good to be yourself... for the most part anyways. The two of you should be able to talk about ANYTHING and understand one another without experiencing an insecure or awkward moment. You shouldn’t have to beg someone to respect who you are.

#3 Be Eachothers Hero...

15 Tips on Keeping Your S. O. Happy 🙌

Don’t ever let anyone downplay your relationship, especially when your significant other is standing right by your side. Don’t let anyone talk smack about this person you claim to love so much. Im not saying “throw hands” but you should def step up and be their hero when it calls for it. This could be if they’re going through hard times or if they’re being attacked by someone mentally/verbally/physically. Be there and have their front/back/side. No one should ever have to say to their partner “You Weren’t There For Me.”

#4 Be Their Biggest Supporter

15 Tips on Keeping Your S. O. Happy 🙌

Even if you two have different interests, try to show a little support. Remind your partner that this isn’t your cup of tea but that you don’t mind joining in every once in a while because you know it’ll make them happy. I’m not a fan of anime, but I suggest he find a show for us to give a try because I know it’ll make him happy that Im partaking in his interests. However, it annoys me when he doesn’t want to do the same. I want us to chill for like an hour, just listening to all genres of music and find meaning in the song that relates to the relationship. No one should have to beg their partner to keep things fair...

#5 Feed Him a LOT of Food... Feed Her a BIT of Romance

15 Tips on Keeping Your S. O. Happy 🙌

They say food is one way to a man’s heart. Well if he wants to eat this puss for dessert, then he needs to feed me something romantic as well. Is it too much to ask for something that expresses that passion burning in our relationship? Whip out the whip cream and strawberries... enjoy a candlelight dinner... play some sexy R&B music... lead me down a hall of rose petals. Don’t just tell me you love me, show me by doing something sweet. Ladies buy your man that tool set or video game he’s been wanting. Fellas buy your girl a bouquet of roses or even that Michael Kors purse she’s been wanting. No one should have to beg their partner for the attention and desire they deserve

#6 Stay Groomed if You Want to Become the Bride/Groom

15 Tips on Keeping Your S. O. Happy 🙌

Some people like body hair, some don’t. If its not your thing, be honest with your S.O. And let them know that it would be nice if they trimmed every once in a while. I’ve told my boyfriend that I don’t like chest hair but i’m letting him keep it until we move in together. He's told me that he doesn't like pubic hair and we’re totally on the same page about that. No one’s trying to cough up a hairball nor screw Chewbacca

#7 Keep More than the Relationship in Shape

15 Tips on Keeping Your S. O. Happy 🙌

Don’t be a lazy bf/gf. I’m pretty sure you’re together for more than just personality #LooksMatter so get your ace in the gym so we can stay in shape together. No one should have to beg their partner to workout. You should want to keep the both of you healthy and hawt!! Besides, staying fit will make the sex that much hotter because you may even become a bit more flexible

#8 Act Surprised Sometimes

15 Tips on Keeping Your S. O. Happy 🙌

Does he/she always dress like that? Did her boobs/butt grow? Did he gain some muscle? Has their eyes always glistened like that when the sunlight hits them? Did their smile get wider and whiter? Some things don’t change, but treat it like it did. Provide eachother with a compliment every once in a while just to remind eachother what it is you first fell for about them. I find it amazing how he’s seen my boobs many times, but always seems amazed when i strip for him. It makes me feel brand new. And I have a tiny booty, but he compliments it like its a Beyonce bubblebutt. Your partner shouldn’t have to beg you to hear something sweet everyone once in a while.

#9 Be Innocently Sweet in the Streets, But A Freak in the Sheets

15 Tips on Keeping Your S. O. Happy 🙌

If you’re sexually active, keep things fiesty and spicy. If you’re not, do something flirty or be a tease every once in a while. Give your partner a reason as to why you are the only guy/girl they need. Change up your look every now and again. Get a sexy haircut for her. Get a sexy outfit for him. Turn eachother on at some of the most inappropriate times. A little PDA won't hurt. No partner should have to beg the other to turn them on... it should just happen naturally

#10 Give Their people A Chance

15 Tips on Keeping Your S. O. Happy 🙌

Get to know eachother’s friends/fam before judging. He and I rightfully dislike eachothers after having got to know them. See, we at least gave them a chance. He dislikes my friends because they try to set me up with someone better than himself OR because they used to like me themselves. I disliked one of his friend girls because she tried to steal him away and i dislike his fam because they are a bad influence on him. So we’ve pretty much cut people off for one another. Its always best to try to be on the same page about those who interfere with your relationship. No partner should have to beg their SO to choose them over these outsiders #NoNewFriends

#11 Give Them Just Enough Space

15 Tips on Keeping Your S. O. Happy 🙌

No matter how badly one of you wants to be attached at the hip, Im sure the other is in need of an escape. Its hard to do, but its best to give eachother some room to breathe in order to avoid running them off. Being long distance, I hate when we’re not talking/texting, i miss him like crazy. But i try to give him a few hours of space by letting him play videogames or watch anime or whatever the heck he needs to do to avoid looking clingy. Yet, when we meet up in person, im the one looking for a little space. Lmao last time he visited he wouldn't even let me go to the bathroom without him. I was a little flattered he wanted to stick under me so i didn't make a big deal out of it. But remember, everyone needs space sometimes. No one should have to beg for it

#12 Get Right With God

15 Tips on Keeping Your S. O. Happy 🙌

I know those of you who are nonbelievers will disregard this tip, but God really is good. If you want to make your relationship work, its best that you both put your trust in him so that he can give y'all the power you need to stay together. Im glad that I’m finally with someone whos also Christian. My past relationships with nonbelievers just didn't work like i thought they could’ve

#13 Try To Avoid These Labels

15 Tips on Keeping Your S. O. Happy 🙌

You’re in a relationship. Stay committed and trust in one another. If you’re not ready to do so, then take a break from relationships until you are

#14 Keep Your Word

15 Tips on Keeping Your S. O. Happy 🙌

Don’t tell me something one day, then change your mind the next. That’s total BS and is technically the same as being lied to. Its okay to change your mind but not when its about something as important as your goals in life. I shouldn't have to remind you of what you promised me months ago. No partner should. So only say what you mean, and mean what you say

#15 Remember You Also Deserve to Be Happy

15 Tips on Keeping Your S. O. Happy 🙌

Put up with eachother as much as you can. But one day, you’ll get tired of waiting for the other person to step up. If you can’t be happy with them, then do what you gotta do

#FeelFreeToList #KeepinYourSOHappy

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Very good list. A lot of us had to learn These Things on our own, so you saved some People a lot of time!

  • Hands up for another wonderful strike from our special DESIII 😉
    I don't know if my comments will be as worth as your perfect post dear. BRAVO 👏

    Totally agree on everything, great points well made and straight.

    Sorry for being late to share an opinion. Am just having bad time management lately 🙈

    Love and respect each others, and I believe Jesus Christ did send that message. I don'the follow any religion but I do believe in God, good vs bad, right and wrong, forgive and forget, etc...

    By taking care of your S. O. you are taking care of yourself. This is actually what I taking to explain to few friends in real life. Take care of your partner, not yourself as for she will certainly do taking rye same if she loves you.

    "Compromising" is being forgotten in today's relationships, sad but true.

    "13 Try To Avoid These Labels" - you are right Desi but some people just find these particular words their own way of being "sweet". I know it may sound weird, but personally I would use whatever terms she likes and make her feel sexy and sweet and loved. Your partner's preferences, right?

    Go to the gym is one of my kind of phobia nowadays. I am a former athlet and basketball player. I have won trophies and medals. Don't want to brag but I got sick of the gym and it is boring. Instead of going to the gym, I would rather share sport activities with my partner that are fun. We will be a rebel to get closer and enjoy more time by having fun (shoot some hoops, ride a bicycle, rollerblading, fast walk, etc...) - in general, workout is important to take the stress and negative vibes out of our systems.

    "If you’re sexually active, keep things fiesty and spicy." 😍

    Also am glad you have made a great point about being closer to your partner by staying independent as for it is one of the most common mistakes we tend to make in relationships that pushes the S. O. to ask for a space or drift away.

    Girl, you just know how to be a perfect soul and writer. Keep it up. THANK YOU for that beautiful post. Loved it.

    It was my pleasure to read it this morning before work starts while sipping my coffee 😉


Most Helpful Girls

  • Wow, this is such a great take! So informative. And most of the things you discussed are also not something people usually point out. Thank you for sharing this.

    “#5 Feed Him a LOT of Food... Feed Her a BIT of Romance” I want just the opposite! I want him to feed me a LOT of food & I'll give him lots of romance in return. 😁

  • I really enjoyed your myTake; it was down to earth; dreamy/romantic yet serious. It would have sounded a little bit different if I had written it, mainly because we focus on a few things differently. I gather that's the greatness about life - priorities change; people become individuals.

    I laughed out loud at the "No one’s trying to cough up a hairball nor screw Chewbacca." Mainly because I've used Chewbacca as a reference in a similar situation.

    Great work!


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