I am not "just a teenage girl" because I might give birth to the strongest man on the planet

I am mentally and emotionally a very strong person, a lot stronger than people think. People underestimate my emotional and mental strength because they are like, "Oh she is just a teenage girl."

What they don't know is that this "teenage girl" has been through those nightmares that would have left even a 30 year old adult traumatized and depressed for life.

The fact that I still smile as if nothing ever happened shows my strength.

The fact that I still try to be happy and positive despite all the hardships and setbacks just shows I love life too much and it makes me feel so proud of myself.

God gave me life because he thinks I deserve to live on his planet then who are human beings to tell me otherwise?

The one thing that even stops me from sharing my painful past is the fact I hate too much sympathy. I am a very forgetful and a forgiving person. I forget the worst and I even feel surprised at my ability to forget and forgive the worst of the worst.

Even a king's mother was "just a teenage girl" once.

Even today, teenage girls become wives and mothers, whereas I see 30 year old men having marriage phobia.

My real name is Nimrah. "Shehzadi" is just my profile name, which means "Princess" in Urdu and Hindi. I don't hesitate to call myself a princess because Emma Watson said, "Every girl is a princess." A girl doesn't have to be a part of the royal family or marry a prince to become a princess. A girl doesn't even need a tiara to be a princess. She doesn't even a palace to be a princess. She doesn't have to look like Angelina Jolie to be a princess. A girl needs a heart made of gold to be a princess. Every girl who has a heart made of gold is a princess. That gold is priceless. That gold can't be bought or sold. When that gold shines, it lights up the world.

Therefore, it is about how clean somebody's heart is and how beautiful their soul is, not what grades they get, what salary they get, what designer they clothes they wear, how big their house is, or how good looking they are.

Victoria Beckham also taught her daughter, "It is not about who is the smartest girl in class, it is not about who is the prettiest girl, it is about who is the kindest girl in class."

"No matter how talented, rich, successful or intelligent you are, the way you treat people says it all."

"Good things are even written on the walls but it is the soft tone of voice that matters."

I feel sad when people justify their bitter tone of voice by saying, "truth is bitter." Just because truth is bitter doesn't mean we have to say it in a bitter way. The purpose of truth is never to spread bitterness. If bad people can say sweet lies using a sweet language, why can't good people say the the truth in using a sweet language? The way we says things is also important.

Woman is an important person in a man's life.

God created Eve because Adam felt lonely in heaven.

Without Eve, Adam's heaven was not heaven.

When Eve was created, then Adam's heaven felt complete.

A man's heaven is not complete without his queen.

Even in heaven with all those palaces and bounties, there was a void in Adam's heart that could only be filled with Eve's love.

Woman was created from a man's rib, close to his heart to be loved by him, by his side to be always besides him and under his arm to be protected by him.

Therefore, it was a symbolic way of saying that Adam's job was to love Eve, to be with her and to protect her.

A real man is someone who loves his woman, who is always besides her and always protects her.

In my next article, I will share the pains and struggles, I went through as a girl and how much my parents tortured. Even though I am praising women, a woman was always my biggest enemy and unfortunately, she is my mother. In my language, Urdu, there is a saying that "a woman is another woman's biggest enemy." I genuinely believe that friendships of boys are stronger than friendship of girls. This is because girls view each other as a competition, they compare themselves with each other and there is a jealousy among girls because of the competition and comparison.

Girls compare their looks, their bodies, their clothes, their grades, their husbands, their children, their jobs, their wealth, their houses, their destiny in short words, girls compare their lives. Even at weddings, girls have a competition in terms of who will look the best or who is wear more gold. This is why you hear girls say things like, "I am going to make all the girls jealous by wearing the best dress or by showing my partner."

As a foreign Pakistani, I know how much jealousy and envy hurts, because native Pakistani girls think, "I am lucky to be a British." It hurts when people think foreigners live a perfect and a easy life.

Even in the entertainment industry, it is sexist how actresses are compared with each more than actors are compared with each other. People always feel happy for male actors when they celebrate their success but they call actresses self-obsessed when they celebrate their success instead of being happy for them.

Even in families, the drama of women never ends. Mother-in-law never gets along with her daughter-in-law. Sister-in-laws don't get along with each other. Sister-in-laws as in husband's sister, brother's wife. Daughter-in-laws of one family don't get along with each other. Step mother doesn't get along with her step daughter. Step sisters don't get along with each other.

Nowadays, in the 21st century, even the biological mother and biological daughter don't get along, even two biological sisters don't get along with each other let alone a step mother or a step sister. One reason is property and the second reason is jealousy because of all of them want to be center of attention or the favourite person in the family.

A daughter-in-law wants to be the favourite daughter-in-law usually by being the first one to give birth to a grandson. They also make men picks side. The bloke always becomes a sandwich between his mother and his wife. He becomes a sandwich between his wife and sister. The worst part is when he becomes a sandwich between his wife and his daughter. Or when he becomes a sandwich between his two daughters. I know my dad always became a sandwich between me and my mother. My mother just hated the fact I was a daddy's girl because he hated me.

I remembered to write this bit about women not getting with each other in families when my mom all of a sudden came to confront me for writing things against her in my diary. It made me so angry, she knows wants to control what I write in my diary. She took everything and everyone away from me, and my diary is my last friend, and she wants to take that away from me too.

She turned my entire family against me because of her jealousy whenever someone praised me. In fact, I even broke up with my boyfriend because he always took her side. I hate how my mom plays the mother card. It's like no matter how much she tortures me, she knows the Asian community will always be on her side without even hearing my side of the story. She takes advantage of being a mother because in the Asian, a mother is treated like a god, not a human being who can also be wrong.

The next article will be about my narcissistic parents and how much they tortured me. However, my Asian community will never understand that parents can also be evil and they should also be called out for torturing their children. Children are not slaves or properties.

Whose food would you choose? Your mother's or your wife's?
Whose food would you choose? Your mother's or your wife's?
The Bitch
The Bitch
That would have been a good thing
That would have been a good thing

Dear brothers, if a ship was sinking, whose food would you choose? Your mother's food or your wife's food?

I am not "just a teenage girl" because I might give birth to the strongest man on the planet
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    I think you seem incredibly strong

    We donโ€™t always agree but I respect your tenacity and good intentions and sense of justice. You really out yourself behind what you say. Itโ€™s incredibly admirable. in my opinion you have free integrity.


    • Shezadi

      awwwww thank you. This comments genuinely means a lot that thank you is a small word.
      I feel very flattered. I always believed that others see those good qualities in us that we fail to see.

    • Shezadi

      I feel like I should print your comment and put on my wall as a poster to read it every morning to feel good about myself. hahahaha

    • Shezadi

      It's sad how this site only allows three pictures. I had ten.

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  • You are amazing.

    • Shezadi

      you should also write an article on your struggles that you went through as a 17 year old.

Most Helpful Guys

  • Muhammad1999

    Good take , if a ship was sinking I will choose my mom

    • Shezadi

      What if your wife becomes upset if you will let food drown in the sea?

  • Maazin

    Make peace with oneself first.


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  • tenukitanuki

    It is abundantly clear that your mother was emotionally abusive and you're a jumble trying to express what has been such a mired experience. Like the tangled bog of a swamp weighing you down and adding to the difficulty of being helpless.

    I've seen what childhood trauma and developed emotional abuse between mother and daughter can do to beautiful people. Traps them. Spins them about. Met a poor girl, grandmother would make fudge and literally force her to clean her plate. She mentioned her abuse to her mother, the bitch couldn't wait to tell her how she herself was also abused by that exact same person.

    That is like a bomb that detonates in your brain. That somehow better people are born into a horrible trap where their own caretaker designs to spoil them just like they were spoiled by someone else. It's the hell of neurosis. And the only key is a hammer. However, once you break that glass prison you'll need to solve something else

    something more like the riddle of steel, or more truly your own shadow.

    • I should say that it was unclear, the aforementioned abuse was not meant to be implied as "force fed eating disorder" and an actual allusion toward sexual assault. Just two example, one how eating disorders can be obvious; another a clear display of misery loving company.

      crabs in a barrel. And if you're a genuine person then you're basically just livestock, feeding them a neverending supply of love and affirmation that will never stop.

  • robzombiessexfox

    I would agree, but women are much more than someone's mum.

    • Shezadi

      As a woman, I have no desire to become a football captain. I am not a feminist. A mother has a higher status than a female football captain. Raising children is more meaningful than playing football.

    • Lmao, I don't like football either. The quote is symbolic of women empowering themselves.

    • Shezadi

      Women who make sacrifices for others are also strong. It takes a strong person to forgive, forget, to be patient, to be happy in other people's victory.

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  • Excite

    I can relate. But nothing is ever forgotten. Forgiving is acceptance of what already happened and having feeling of anger, pain, sadness etc... when we think of those who have hurt us the most.

  • Twalli

    My girlfriend is no princess. She is a GODDESS made flesh.

    • Shezadi

      then why don't you marry her?

    • Twalli

      Because I won't propose until we've been dating for at least 3 years and a year (can be year 3) living together. She knows this, and that I consider he a goddess.

    • Shezadi

      You will live with her for three years and then you will dump her.
      A woman with self respect will never let a man touch her before marriage.
      A real man will never touch a woman without marriage.
      I have seen guys who refuse to touch women before marriage even when the offer is there, they even refuse to see provocative pictures, because that is their of showing love and respect. You only lust her. A woman becomes a goddess by having a beautiful soul, heart and mind not "flesh."

  • bhavy24

    Nice take, both genders are equal and i would starve to death

    • Shezadi

      "i would starve to death"
      LOL! But you don't have this option.
      Also, it is not nice to waste food and this option can't be used everyday.
      You can eat a little bit of wife's food and a little bit of mom's food.
      And then you can ask them to take turns when it comes preparing the dinner.
      However, then the second question which arises is whose food would you eat first, even if you chose to eat both mom's food and wife's food.

  • DWD94

    "Even today, teenage girls become wives and mothers, whereas I see 30 year old men having marriage phobia."

    If you actually knew how marriage fucks over men, you'd probably have a marriage phobia too.

    Most marriages end in divorce, and the divorces are usually initiated by women.

    Plus what's the point in marriage when you can get sex without committing? Why buy the cow when the milk is free?

  • JamesBoradil03

    cool. i would get both meals eat the bare minimum then give the back for them to eat.

  • Hannajenky

    So people should respect you because you can slut it up and open your legs for anyone to make a baby? Where are people getting this stuff from lmao ๐Ÿ˜

    • Shezadi

      I feel sorry for your mother who carried you for 9 months in her womb. One day your child will also say this is to you.

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take.

  • adika63

    Love what you are