Rebounding: It affects more people than you think!


Why can't we just say no?
Why can't we just say no?

When life seems to be getting worse

I know plenty of people gag members who have come online to find answers to the gnawing pain of emptiness that was left behind by their ex-lover. Plenty of times I see answers such as " start dating someone new" or try "or have sex with someone". Though it may seem like a good idea at the time, sex could be the last thing that you need.

You have to keep in mind that good sex is hard enough to come by. Add the fact that you’re probably going to be thinking about the one you just broke up with during the act, and you’ll more than likely feel even worse.

The problem is that rebound hookups are not initiated out of something positive. You hook up with a rebound because you’re hurt and you want to channel that pain into sex.

You’re looking for a distraction and, getting under to get over was never really gonna work.

You might be rebounding if:

You’re still obsessively checking your ex’s social media, even after some great dates with another person

You fantasize about running into your ex with your new date a lot

You think about one-upping your ex with your new dates more than the dates themselves

You’re always talking about your ex to your new partner.

But you’re probably ready for a relationship if…

You’re feeling prepared but nervous about being vulnerable with someone

A song that reminded you of your ex is now just one you like again

You’re more interested in spending time with a new date than advertising that you’re going on dates

You’re no longer mentally comparing your new partner to your ex in every situation

Rebounding: It affects more people than you think!
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  • Finchie40
    Mainly the people that aren't the ones reboundimg , basically when we meet someone new and start to really like them and things seemto be going. great and we find out they just got out of a relationship it makes us think wow you are just using. me. to get over. ypur ex so u must not really like me. like i like you. So Yes that kind of throws Red flags. But reality of it who. really cares , if i got out of a relationship. with someone and I met an awesome. girl a few days later that really liked me. I would still date her and get. to know her and. take it slow , what am i going to tell her? Oh i just got out of a relationship so wait a year then i can date you? LOL so to me reboundimg isn't that bad if you slow it down
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  • bellybuttonlint
    I'll admit, before I get serious in a relationship I do check out her social media to see if I'm her ooi or just a rebound. No one wants to be someone else's backup plan.
  • legalboxers
    never been one I dont think. and if i was one I wouldn't know...
  • andyaa