Are women failing to see the quality men right before them?

First of all I am not American so this is based on not only America but on where I am from plus the opinions of others from other countries as well that share their stories online .

There are men out there that lie, cheat and use girls i agree with that, but those men are few and and far in between, and the ones who turn that way usually do it cause of being hurt countless times by women.

I have been in the dating scene for years and had a couple gfs myself plus plenty of dates, I saw women marrying as young as 19 and ones marry in their late twenties, but one thing i noticed plenty of women do and that is (Not sure if on purpose or not) they want instant gratification and end up losing great men in the process not to mention getting a bad reputation as well.

Lets talk about reputation before we get to the root of the problem (In my opinion), Women iam giving you free advice, you have been lied to big time, equality doesn't exist, iam sorry but once you unleash your inner h0e you lose, men talk and they talk way too much sometimes, you have no idea how many times i wanted to date a girl only to be told by someone to just pump and dump and she's no wife material, i told the same to guys i know too, its the BRO CODE, we have each others backs and the only ones losing are the women who decide to act sl*tty ... trust me even in other cities you will have a reputation and once it happens its hard to just forget about it and overlook it .

Now I am gonna talk about the real issue in my opinion and the reason so many women can't seem to find happiness and can't find "good" men as they put it ... First of all what is a good man ?

A good man to a woman is :

1- Attractive enough

2- Good job, wealthy, has his own car and house

3- Charming, confident, sexy, mysterious and cool

4- Popular. high status and influential

5- Loves her and is loyal to her only

These men exist but in very small numbers, perfection does not exist and looking for a man like that is a waste of time at best, a lot of women don't wanna work hard or build a future, they don't see the potential in a man and end up dropping him thinking they have "options" but ladies options are only an illusion to some of you and you don't seem to realize that , women nowadays go on social media, look at the amount of likes and messages they get and say " well i have options I don't need to settle for less"..... these men just want one thing : sex .

Are women failing to see the quality men right before them?

i know plenty of men who are considered perfect by women and at some point in their lives they were poor, low status and broke even, some of them are even good looking too, these men had potential, some got a degree and worked hard, others opened their own business and all of them succeed and became wealthy and part of the upper class .

women nowadays fail to see the potential in men, they meet a young dude in his twenties and wonder why he's 24 and doesn't have his own place and car yet, and even if they give him a chance and decide to date him they never actually take it as seriously as they should , they don't see how hard he works or how much effort he is putting in to build a future, they fail to see his hard working, loyal side and instead focus on the now, he has nothing now therefore he will have nothing later on.

All you see is a piece of coal, not knowing that under enough pressure it turns into a shining diamond .

Are women failing to see the quality men right before them?

I must say though that some women (not many) are smart enough to snatch young men off the market in the darkest times of their lives when they are poor, low status and busting their a*s to make a living, and when these men succeed the women who chose to be with them are rewarded greatly by the same men that other women once considered inadequate, discipline and ethics are hard to come by, and so is loyalty, but many women seem to ignore that in favor of looking for that perfect dude that has it all figured out (again its not exactly realistic).

Are women failing to see the quality men right before them?

A lot of men start at a low point, they have nothing to speak of and they make their way up, if they are serious enough they will reach their goal , and the women who stood by their side and saw the potential in them are those who deserve to be treated like queens and respected in every way possible, agreeing to date a wealthy dude at 30 means nothing, he already has his life together, you didn't help him and you will never be able to claim anything or be truly his partner, but meeting a guy and sticking by his side and watching him improve and advance in life, now thats how you as woman get respect and GOOD MAN to stay by your side.

Are women failing to see the quality men right before them?
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  • It is true that young women want to marry the most desirable man they can date. However, the most desirable men will date down for sex, but they almost marry down. Therefore, since young women can attract men that are out of league (for a little while and maybe a bit longer if they are fucking), they reject men within their league that would love to date and marry the young women.

    • Anonymous

      Most men will sleep with anything but be very careful when it comes to marriage

    • That is very true. And young women go nuts over the hottest guy that will fuck them and throw rocks at guys that would marry them. Then ten years late after fucking 10 to 50 hott guys in one night stands and brief going nowhere relationships, they decide this isn't working and start looking for men that will marry them. However, by then they have lost their bloom. They are not the fresh, sexy, juicy, sweet young things that made guys salivate ten years earlier.

      Therefore, they are not getting any marriage offers from the quality of guys they, wouldn't give the time of day to ten years earlier. They look around and ask, "Where have all the good men gone?" Of course the men are still there, but they are seeking sweet young things like the highly desirable girl she used to be. They don't want some jaded old hide that's been fucked by 50 guys.

  • I think that no one is entitled or 'deserves' this or that sort of partner. It is an individual choice.
    If a choice was a good one, remains to be seen.

  • Anonymous

    I feel as though I'm getting r/niceguy vibes from you. Listen dude, there are gold diggers out there, but most girls love someone for who they are. I agree that women who are there for the men even in the hardest times are the MVP's. But you need to respect women's decisions and just because a girl dates a rich guy, it doesn't always mean it's for money. I believe your post is you ranting about how unfair your life is and how girls won't give you a chance but the truth is, girls won't give you a chance if this is your attitude.

    • Anonymous

      Why so bitter?