How relationships make me feel less and less tempted to have one


I genuinely have only had people saying oh I want to be with this person and then they get with them, continue to go out, start having drama, come to me and complain about it and how they never really liked each other and how they don't know why they are like this.

These people also who DO stay together, will never stop talking about each others relationship, I am happy to hear about it but I get kind of jealous, UNTIL I hear from a friend where they say they love the partner but they are controlling, like telling them what clothes to wear, distancing them from their friends etc.

Legit, one of my mates, he has a girlfriend but since he got one he seems more upset and she keeps him away from us saying that the time that he used to spend with his friends should be spent on her, she also tells him what clothes suit him and which ones to buy.

I mean, I can't say how much I wanted a relationship for so long, but recently for about a year I think, I have just been seeing too much bad stuff linked with relationships that I feel like it is just TOO soon to have a relationship, start looking when I am older, when people are looking for permanent partners....

I don't mean to say no-one at my age wants a permanent relationship at the moment, I just mean to say that a lot of them don't seem to be finding enjoyment in it because they are sacrificing their time with their friends, they are sacrificing their personal time to themselves and they don't get much rest because they are also working on studies.

I mean, when I first started getting interested in relationships, I thought it would be wonderful to have one but now I am being surrounded by too many people with bad stuff happening, stressing about not getting time to themselves, not being able to balance their time for everything etc. which has seriously made it difficult for me to want a relationship.

But when I say this, loads of my friends say that I am just giving up, I'm not.

I do want a relationship one day and I am not giving up, I just think at this time relationships are causing too much stress which means I am not ready for one.

Thank you for reading this, I know it is short and I also know a number of you will think it was pointless but I needed to get it off my chest and vent it somewhere so thank you for being my escape route I guess? <3 :)


How relationships make me feel less and less tempted to have one
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  • Inv8derChris
    Not wanting to be bothered with all the baggage that people come with is not giving up. It's taking a break from insanity.
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  • BrokenEmpathy
    Fox and the sour grapes.
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    • I don't even know what that means -_-

    • While I disagree partially, I will agree that the moral must be somewhat linked with my own emotions, but not so much as to be the entire reasoning for my choice.

      The fox wishes to eat the grapes from the vine but cannot reach them, instead of admitting defeat, the fox decides that the grapes are undesirable.

      I desire love and to an extent I will also admit defeat, but I won't give up forever, it is just for now that I have lost my enthusiasm to pursue it, but in the future I may feel more inclined to look for it.

      But I do appreciate the moral of the story, it was a great way of thinking :)

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  • omgjassy
    But if you find the right one your mind will change again
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    • Maybe, but as of right now I am still feeling put off by relationships and just think sticking with close friendships is better, relationships are just always mentioning bad things and I want to hear some good news instead from someone in a relationship to spark some hope in me.

    • omgjassy

      I can understand your point of view

    • Well thank you :)

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  • Can relate
    • I'm surprised someone actually still comments on this post! :D