Not all men can financially afford polygamy!


Only rich men can have four wives. Many men struggle financially to even have one wife and to even raise one child. Many men spend years trying to find a job and then they spend years trying to become financially stable enough to get married. For many men, even providing for one wife and one child is like a blessing.

Whereas, rich men have the money to provide for their four wives and children and they even provide separate houses for all their wives whereas an ordinary man might spend his entire life just to buy one house for his one wife, so polygamy has a big connection to money also.

Not all men can financially afford polygamy!
Not all men can financially afford polygamy!

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Not all men can financially afford polygamy!
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  • BlacklightShade
    Why can’t the multitude of wives have jobs?
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  • Massageman
    That's seems to be a true observation.
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    • Shezadi

      Thank you!!! You are the first one to understand that I was just sharing my observation. People are bashing me even though I didn't even give my opinion on polygamy. I just shared my observation and people are treating my observation like an opinion. People have assumed my opinion when there is no opinion in the article.

    • No problem, I call them the way I see them :- )

  • Avicenna
    Quite true
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    • Shezadi

      thank you.

    • Shezadi

      Only two people realised that this article is about an observation not an opinion. And those two people have something in common- their age group. Old is gold.

    • Avicenna

      Thanks for the MHO

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  • Metallsturm
    So let me get this straight:

    1.) In your head only men can have numerous wives, but women cannot have numerous husbands (what, rich females don't exist?)?
    2.) You completely disregard such small things like "love", "feelings" & "emotions"?
    3.) Why one has to be rich to begin with? Others can't work or something? Are they supposed to stay at home because someone richer than him/her ordered so? If so, is this a modern-day slavery or actual union between people?
    • Shezadi

      Did I give my opinion on polygamy?

    • Yes, in a previous mytake.

    • Shezadi

      Saying polygamy is better than hook up culture still doesn't mean I support polygamy.

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  • motownplayer2000
    Nah. It's not a blessing. It's just the fact that that's the order of life. I think the blessing comes in when I find that one wife that is responsible, intelligent, hardworking, loyal, trustworthy and just someone that is worth my time and effort. There aren't really anyone women that have a decent amount of any of that. Especially in this generation. I've maybe found one in the 18+ years I had been attracted to females. And surprise surprise, she was taken. So anyone that feels entitled to think she should he "taken care of" in a relationship of that magnitude is not someone worthy of any time or effort in that capacity.
    • Shezadi

      And this is why I don't prefer western men when it comes to relationships.

    • Why is that because we demand that a woman carry her weight? Become truly contributing members of the household. Yeah, I'm glad I'm western too, that way we can have an efficiently run household.

  • Phillythefrick
    Technically it's your opinion that only a 1. rich and 2. Male can do this.
    There's literally nothing stopping all participants from helping the entire situation. Or a singular rich woman with multiple Male partners.
    But k, only rich men. Sure, I guess for some unfathomable reason.
  • backdoorman
    I didn't realize it was so expensive to buy a wife.
    • Shezadi

      It is expensive to "provide" for a wife.

  • Lightning8
    **Polygyny** but fair observation. It is of course easier for a rich man to practice polygyny than an ordinary one. And that goes for any culture regardless of whether it largely supports polygyny or not, as long as the basic freedom to do so is there.
  • Sevenpointfive
    most polygamists live in a society that has a community provide for them. it has nothing to do with his job or his income
  • marechel
    I respect your opinion, I do not think it's wrong, but even if I'm going to have a lot of money, I would like to have only one woman, I think it's mostly a way of seeing things
  • Dubious
    From what I've seen, this mostly applies to "traditional" polygamy that is often tied to a religious element. The type of polygamy you describe is only a small subset of polyamory. It assumes a few things as well, such as a base patriarchal sexism, the man being the only/primary provider, the relationships primarily being between the man and each woman, etc.

    In many other forms of polyamory, I'd have to say the opposite is true (a man having to be rich, etc, that is). For instance, if a woman has two husbands and is the primary caregiver. Or if you have a quad, of any ratio of genders, with 4 people who are equally in a relationship with each of the others, and are each expected to provide equally. In this case, the financial burden on all of the individuals is actually lessened.
  • erestyl
    Why is this relevant to the world today? I've never heard of anyone even suggesting that this is desirable, let alone try to figure out how it works.
    It was quite disturbing to read that. Polygamy is unlawful in the developed world. A man is a real man, not only when he bring money home. Money is not the only thing that makes the home safe and stable. The man should love, and nourish, and cherish his wife. There’s nothing more disgusting that having a husband spending one night in your bed, and next night he is having sex with another woman, and the third night with a third woman. That’s disrespectful to every normal woman. So polygamy has biggest connection to rotten heart, and being unable to love a woman. And if you set those things aside, yes you need money for multiple wives.
    • Shezadi

      I didn't even give my opinion on polygamy in the article. I just wanted to point out that polygamy is only possible for rich men.

    • Shezadi

      I just shared an observation. There is no opinion in the article.

  • egarcia1360
    Women can also work...
    • Shezadi

      For women, it is optional because they might to be housewives and full time mothers.

    • Shezadi

      and this is why I don't prefer western men when it comes to relationships.

    • Mmm, that internalized misogyny is so tasty.

      Sure, women can stay at home and take the majority of the responsibility for the kids if they want, but the roles can also be reversed or shared equally.

      I was simply offering a solution to the problem you were describing; you say only rich men could provide for 4 wives, and I say there's no reason the 4 wives can't help provide for themselves. With five people working (or even just two) as opposed to just the one guy, earning money for the family becomes dramatically easier. If you don't like that, that's not my fault; I don't personally like the idea of someone having four spouses, but I don't tell you that you're not allowed to do that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • GreenGold1992
    Even if I could afford it, I wouldn't, one women is enough for me.
  • bamesjond0069
    Yes. I wish it was this simple though. Our men are so weak its more likely to see a woman with multiple husbands all working shitty jobs to pay for her because one isn't enough. Smh. How pathetic!
    That's the financial part. What about the emotional part. 😕
  • NickiB
    Interesting. Never really thought about it that way
  • NerdInDenial
    I don't know why rich men would want to get married.
    • Shezadi

      to have children so they can pass on their property to their blood.

    • But in modern society, they don't need to get married to procreate.

    • Shezadi

      That's only possible in the west.

  • kespethdude
    Only a scumbag marries more then one spouse.
    • Shezadi

      Every situation is different. Some get second wives to have children.

    • zagor

      Why can't their first wife have children? And anyone who wants to have 20 children in this overcrowded world should be shot.

    • @zagor what a cuck. You probably dont even own a gun. Smh

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  • Phoenix98
    Ehhh no.
  • jwsstein
    Very true
  • CT_CD
    So you're saying women are gold diggers?
  • themomo84
    Polygamy is accepted where?
  • ImpatiensSultani
    I want to 7 husbans