Yes Gentlemen, you CAN apologize to women and still look masculine

Yes Gentlemen, you CAN apologize to women and still look masculine

Gentlemen, you have heard it before. When you fuck up and hurt a girl (Lover, Fuck Buddy, Friend) should you apologize? Or even when you feel you did nothing wrong yet she is angry, should you apologize?

Most men beat their harry chest and say, "A man should never EVER apologize!"

But if you want to resolve conflict with an alpha male is how you do it.

First, give her space. No matter how intense or small the argument is...maintain your masculine core. DO NOT CHASE! Do not blow up her phone while she "hates" you. It makes you look like a weak and needy man who is such a loser that he has no other female options in his life. Let her clear her head. Give her space for close to 1 week. Give her time to MISS YOU and REGRET how things ended.

Second, give a genuine apology. No rehashing the past. Just simply tell her that you feel really bad and that you care for her. Here is an example of what you can send via text or say on the phone:

"I don't expect forgiveness. I understand if you hate me. I just want to say that I am sorry about hurting you. I really do care about you. I wish you the best."

Notice how you expressed yourself and showed how you had learned your lesson as a man and were moving on? You are communicating to a woman that you are not going to blow up her phone. That you have peace within yourself and learned from the past. You aren't going to stalk her like a needy man. She now feels comfortable to reply.

When she responds she will usually start by accepting the apologize or saying "that's okay" or "I am not mad". Then she will tell you why she was upset.

Very important! When she explains why she got upset. Dont start a fight. Show you are LISTENING and CARE by saying, "Tell me more about how it made you feel."

Lastly, maintain your masculine core by telling a joke. Asking her out on a date. Or wishing her a good day without asking for any forgiveness. End on good terms!

Yes Gentlemen, you CAN apologize to women and still look masculine
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