The reasons you got blocked

The reasons you got blocked

This is not going to be long.
I'm writing this short myTake because some people think I block ''casually'', when in reality is anything but. I always block with a precise reason in mind. And now I'll lay them out for you.

Dont feed the troll.
Don't feed the troll.

- Trolling and offensive opinions

This goes by itself. Playful banter is one thing, but for insults and the like you'll get insta-blocked and reported.

Surely those names arent meant to rile up people, nooo...
Surely those names aren't meant to rile up people, nooo...

- Your username

If it's vulgar or makes reference to some extreme ideology, I'll block you. Your choice in names already says much about you. So if your username is something like ''bigc0ck'' ''Hitler93'' or ''AllMenAreScum'' or ''AllWomenAreTrash'', I'll block you.

No, you are not sexy. Just vulgar.
No, you are not sexy. Just vulgar.

- Your profile picture

If it's inappropriate, I'll block you. Inappropriate pictures are sexualized ones, extremists symbols, or outright disgusting stuff. So if your picture is a d*ck pic, your bikini selfie or a close up of your ass/breasts/feet, or a political symbol I'll block you.

No, Im not interested and I wont vote for you!
No, I'm not interested and I won't vote for you!

- You talk too much about politics

People already shove their politics down my throat all the time, so I don't give a damn about your political opinion. Right or left, conservative or liberal, keep it for yourself.

Keep it to yourself, I dont want to know. Ugh.
Keep it to yourself, I don't want to know. Ugh.

- You talk too much about sex

Same as above. Keep your fetishes and your gross perversions to yourself.

The reasons you got blocked

- You are too ''friendly''

I'm not here to make friends. I consider on friendly terms only four users on here, so rest assured you are not one of them and will never be. So keep your distance.

That's all.
I don't care if this myTake make seem like someone who's antisocial or hateful, I just wished to laid out the reasons many people get blocked daily.
Thank you for reading.

The reasons you got blocked
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  • I agree with most points here, I feel the same about some of them. I didn't understand the last one though... what must a person do to be way too friendly?
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    • PM me without a reason, ask me too personal questions without a good reasons, asking for contact infos.

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  • msc545
    Very good mytake, said it straight up!
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  • DianaWest
    sometimes it's interesting though when a troll blocks you after saying something hateful and bigoted. like they'll unblock you just so they can post their vomit, and then block you, because their fragile neurons can't handle all the stress.
    • That's funny, it happened I had some idiots who'd post insults or troll answer who would block me rigth after to not let me reply to them.
      I would not block them but delete their post and they'd unblock me just to PM or comment under my opinion "You assh*le, you deleted my anwer". At that point I'd just block them.

  • Kit_Kat88
    I’ve had guys I met online block me out of nowhere. People on here have blocked me out of nowhere too. I think blocking should be for harassment or threats. The number of times people block others for small reasons is frequent. I get anxious about being blocked sometimes.
    • I'm sorry, but you shouldn't get anxious over Internet nobodies blocking you.
      Blocking just means wanting to cut off every contact, not wishing harm on that person.
      Mine are not small reasons and I found out G@G is a much more pleasant place once I've blocked the people that make it toxic.

    • Kit_Kat88

      I feel that I have to be more cautious of not upsetting someone. The block button is good but people misuse it. I understand that you want to block toxic people though. I ignore their opinions to not affect me

    • I think it's good to be polite but you shouldn't be too cautious or not express yourself for not wanting to get blocked.
      Some people will block just to block, without any valid reason. I don't block without reason and I stated my reasons for doing so. From what I've heard and seen of you, you are not a person I'd block.

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  • AlienParasite
    I usually tend to ignore instead of blocking, but I respect that you prefer blocking. I think I don't block because I always have a silly hope that despite the red flags those things are, I could learn one nice or interesting thing from them... I guess? I don't know if that makes too much sense.
  • AdithyaR
    Generally the only people I've blocked here are people who wouldn't leave me alone and kept harssing me over some topic or argument.
    For example, there was a dude who had a belief that atheists don't exist and that atheists are aware of god's existence but are blinded by the devil. He kept sending me dms on the topic trying to make me religious. I ended up blocking him.
  • Citizenkirk
    O. K. I'm confused. Is this a notice that I'm being blocked from posting anything too you, like answering any if your questions, or comment on answers and comments? Have I commented on anything you've posted so far? Please excuse my poor memory, I'm not as young as a spring chicken anymore, and not very tech. savy, so if I have inadvertently sent the wrong thing too the wrong place, than I sincerely apologize for whatever offense I have given. If this is something else, it's equally out of left field for my way of think thinking, because you will not read any of this response if tou are blocking it and if your are not, than none if this is going too make sense too you.
    • Don't worry, this is just a general post, it's not aimed at you.
      I'm blocking half the site, but you are not one of those who'll get blocked, don't worry.

    • Does this mean I'm not blocked anymore😰

    • You never got blocked

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  • lanadelrey25
    Nice, you put yours much nicer than my take about why I block people.
  • Kayla45
    People typically block others when they come to a disagreement. In my case, I get blocked when speaking about politics or religion.
  • Zelda_5
    I'll block for all the above reasons and if somebody is acting pervy or asking to pm me or something.
  • ohshee
    To each there own I love gag it's the freedom of speech , I want to read what people have to say it doesn't mean I see it there way. Just like with you you have boundaries and that's cool I want to know what people think and feel it also tells me who we are becoming and where we are headed in awzy,, I have never blocked anyone. I have been blocked on here before and I woukd love to know why. As the person who blocked me we never had bad words and I love her question but I can't say I wouldn't block anyone about the only way I would is if they got in to my space or want to start some sort of bull crap with me I will listen if they are trying to make a point until it's out of hand and they are doing it because they can,, then I will block but to be honest I don't think about it I don't care I'm glad there is a blocker but I don't think I will ever need it
  • sobmyfather
    this is a very useful and nice content. thanks
  • Clyde_123
    I love this take. :)