14 Reasons Why You Got Blocked


Why Would You Block Someone?

Hi guys and girls. Today I will be covering the new generational trend….. BLOCKING. I noticed a lot of questions on social media asking why someone got blocked or if someone should block someone else. This is a fairly new trend and not many articles on it so hopefully this will offer some insight. After taking an anonymous survey I have put together a list of some reasons why it happens. Thanks to those who participated in my survey I really appreciate it. It's important to note that there are many more reasons why people will block you so if something got missed drop it into the comments. Why would you block someone? Let's get started

1. You're A Troll

"Please Let Me Upset You Because I Have No Self Esteem"

A troll is someone who purposefully and intentionally causes chaos in an attempt to distract from their unfulfilled lives. They will say and do anything to get a reaction. This is the most blocked type of person.

2. You're Jealous/Envious

"I Want What You Have"

This type can not stand the fact that you have something they feel they deserve. That could be anything from followers, likes, popularity, shares, retweets, etc. You are everything they are not and seeing you everyday is a constant reminder of their shortcomings. Some signs to look out for are people who never give real feedback on posts (they don't want to contribute to your success but they want to know exactly what you do and when you do it and always finds ways to capture your attention). They will follow you like a hawk and stalk every post until they find something they think they can one up you at. If you don't know what a one upper is please review my previous mytake.

3. You're Annoying/Needy

"Please Love Me"

You are for whatever reason annoying that person. Maybe you are tagging them too many times, liking everything they post (some people actually find this annoying!!! I was shocked), sending double texts before giving them a chance to read it, or you are just too time consuming to interact with. If you feel like you have done nothing wrong and the block was sudden, then these reasons could be why.

4. Your Thinking Is Distorted

"My Thoughts Are Unreasonable"

Your views of yourself and the world are flawed and unrealistic. You can not intake new information and cannot see beyond your need to feel right. You think everything is a competition and will be quick to disagree or give advice just boost your ego. If you read my previous takes you will know all about how harmful distortions can be.

5. You Can't Handle Criticism

"I Am Right, So Just Leave Me Alone"

This type will block you as soon as you contradict them. They can not handle being critiqued or questioned for their thoughts and opinions. They believe that everyone should agree or get lost. For example, "Someone who just can't seem to disagree without insults or mockery"

6. You're A Toxic Person/Inappropriate

"I Am Toxic, Let Me Share It With You"

This type is not a troll but just someone who does and says inappropriate things that offend and trigger others. They will make hateful comments. This person typically does not realize that they are toxic. They will apologize and then continue to do the undesirable behavior.This person is always posting inappropriate content. So if you can't respect boundaries you will more than likely be blocked.

7. You Don't Bring Anything Valuable To That Person's Life Anymore

"You Have Served Your Purpose, Dismissed"

This type of person will block you as soon as you have served your purpose or if you serve no purpose at all. That purpose could be anything ranging from sex, money, attention, validation, etc. One person actually said he "blocked someone simply for not responding fast enough."

8. You Are Spamming


This type is a constant promoter. They will infiltrate any post, comment, article, video and use it as a platform to gain your attention and followers. They don't support you they are looking for an opportunity to get ahead.

9. Attention Seeking

"Tell Me I Am Pretty"

This type is very common. They will post 100 selfies a day, post pictures asking "how do I look", ask if they are dateable or f***able, saying "I am horny and I don't know what to do", etc. This type is only concerned with getting a boost in self esteem and ego. This is a huge turn off for some people and will lead to them blocking you.

10. CopyCat

"I Am You Now"

Whenever you post, they post. Whenever you comment, they comment. Whenever you disagree, they disagree. They will copy you and try to portray themselves as individuals. It's like the episode of SpongeBob where Patrick decides to copy everything SpongeBob did until he received an award. Even SpongeBob eventually couldn't take it and did whatever he could to get away from Patrick.

11. You Give Unsolicited And Unwarranted Advice

"Okay Thanks For The Advice I Didn't Ask For"

This type of person will leave comments and replies that are unwanted and often false information. They will be quick to try and discern why you do the things you do so they can find ways to use it to control your thoughts, opinions, and actions. The advice or suggestions are never accurate or helpful. If you are frequently commenting on posts not directed towards you then this is maybe why you are blocked.


"I have blocked people who have pushed well past my boundary of reasonable when adding comments to an answer I've given" Anonymous

12. You Broke Up

"We Are Over, I Never Want To See You Again"

It doesn't matter who you broke up with family, friends, or romantic interests, once the break occurs blocking becomes a way of fighting and hurting the other. Maybe your ex got a new partner and you can't stand to see them happy with someone else. Maybe your friend betrayed your trust. Or maybe a family member took advantage of you. These are all common reasons why someone will block a person after the break up.

13. You're A Creep

"Would You Like A D*** Picture?"

We all know about the creeps and weirdos that will slip into your inbox and send d*** pictures, say sexually inappropriate things, send 20+ messages about how horny they are, or try to offer you money for sexual favors. If you're a creep then that is why you are blocked.

14. You Unfollowed Or Won't Follow Back


I saved the most childish way for last. You will notice people who will follow and beg for a follow back. If you do not honor this offer the punishment is a permanent block.

Blow A Breath Being Blocked Or Blocking Another Is Hard Work
Blow A Breath Being Blocked Or Blocking Another Is Hard Work

Thank you guys for stopping by and leaving feedback. If you would like any follow up mytakes for clarification please let me know. I want to take the opportunity to thank those who participated in my anonymous survey. It was very helpful to really understand why some people will block another.

This is a NEGATIVE FREE ZONE!!!! So be kind to one another and spread joy. If you have personal questions or off topic questions please direct message them. I will not be answering them on public posts. Thanks for understanding and respecting my privacy!!!!! Disclaimer: I do not own or profit off of the Illustrations utilized in this post. Please give credit to the artists and support their works by giving a like or a follow to their pages. They are extremely talented and deserve recognition. Sending ☮️ and love ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Have A Wonderful COLORFUL Day

14 Reasons Why You Got Blocked
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Miss_Savanna_Dry
    Spot on 👌 I have many people blocked on here. Most common reasons is
    1. They're trolls, they intentionally make a lot of drama on my questions.
    3. Annoying and needy, if I don't respond fast enough they take it personally sending text after text.
    6. The toxic person, they're either leaving insults for me on my questions nothing to do with my questions or they're leaving insults for other people on my questios. I immediately block them.
    10. Copycat, which you have already seen XD, they copy whatever you do on this site.
    13. They're creeps, block people that send sexual messages over and over even when I say I don't want to talk about this stuff and sending unsolicited pictures of themselves.
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    • Anonymous

      OMG 😱😱😱 I seriously did not realize that so many people have had the same experience. What has gone wrong in the world lol 🤦😢

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the feedback too ♥️♥️♥️

    • Pleasure ❤ I'm sure many people have experienced these especially on this site.

Most Helpful Guys

  • Liam_Hayden
    This is the only social media-like site I use. I don't block or down vote anyone. If I disagree I post and state why. When I get blocked it seems to be because the asker or person reading my response doesn't like my opinion or, worse, the facts. I have no problem taking correction or hearing the opinions of others so the mentality bewilders me.
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    • Anonymous

      You are very rare. We need more people like you💗

  • legalboxers
    15. You are complete asshole who refuses to see someones elses POV and you attack them because they dont agree with the narrative which is forced down your throat and you go by the notion "I been get on the band wagon or else I won't be liked, even though they are lying and doing wrong"..
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    • Anonymous

      LMAO 😂 🤣 👍👍

    • ty for MH

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  • JimRSmith
    I'd have phrased a few differently, perhaps, but this is an excellent take, and covers off the subject matter really well.
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    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the feedback 💗

  • Pink2000
    I block people all the time. I don’t have time to be arguing with someone and some people are pervs. They get blocked too.
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    • Anonymous

      Facts 💯

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing your MyTake , I don't block people but have
    been blocked for they have issues , first the unfollow me than
    they block me so i just let them be i don't understand people
    and these politics and some hide behind a shield that no one
    knows about them and than when you have a different political
    view they block you so i just don't care. Have a Blessed Day/ Night 🙏
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    • Anonymous

      Thanks so much for the feedback. Have a great night 💙😇

    • You're Welcome 🙏😇

  • RolandCuthbert
    I don't understand blocking. If I don't feel like responding to a person, I just ignore them.

    Annoying people are not really worth the effort of blocking.

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    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the feedback ❤️🥰

  • Just-Confused
    Oh, cool. Well I'm glad nobody has blocked me yet, at least not that I know of. I try not to be annoying or mean so I guess I'm doing okay at that. Nice take!
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    • Anonymous

      Thanks so much!!! ♥️♥️♥️

    • You're welcome! :)

  • LuWe22
    The thing is most people you describe don’t see themself this way. They think they are innocent and that the person that blocked them is the bad person
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    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the feedback ❤️❤️❤️

    • Anonymous

      Alert!!! I have contacted GAG to adjust the sexuality topic to Internet and Technology. It is not what I selected and is an error. Thanks for understanding ♥️♥️♥️

    • @LuWe22 this is very true. I'm actually trying to give someone advice and he doesn't understand why he is getting blocked and feels like he is doing nothing wrong and that the girls are the bad people. I'm trying to explain to him why they do because he falls under number 3, annoying and needy. He is actually really sweet but he doesn't get it that he becomes needy with strangers (women) and that freaks them out and blocks him.

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  • serious
    Yes, very well said. It is a very good take no doubt but I am not very sure about points #12 and #14 but the rest of points make full sense.
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    • Anonymous


  • monkeynutts
    I have blocked a few girls because of their ethnicity, and they were ugly.
    And if people are rude to users on my page, they get a warning, then they get blocked.
    But most of the users that don't like me don't communicate with me.
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    • Anonymous

      Thanks for sharing and being very honest ♥️♥️♥️

  • Smiley_face101
    15. We dont agree - someone blocked me because I do not agree with his terrible opinions
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    • Anonymous

      Perfect 💗

  • Anjali090
    I blocked a female user because she just wouldn’t stop. She just kept going on and on about how right she is and how wrong I am.
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    • Anonymous


  • Cheetah23
    You fall under Number 5: Can't handle criticism, even when it's hardly criticism. I saw your comment under another person's, replied to it conversationally letting you that you misunderstood something & you went "don't stalk me" & blocked me. I hadn't followed your account, remembered where you think I know you from or anything. You just spazzed.
    You then received a tip that I & another guy had the same experience from you, so you unblocked me just to call us your fanclub & sent us this MyTake link. Which is funny cause it proves our point, not yours😂 No one knows who you are, no one cares enough, and replying to one random comment doesn't make people your stalkers. You're just narcissistic or paranoid.
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    • Anonymous

      I didn't actually read this sorry. But I am reblocking you because you're a stalker. Nice chatting 🖤

  • StingRayxoxo
    Sometimes I wonder which caused me to get blocked but then I realize that I don't care enough.
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  • White-American89
    15. Unsolicited dick pics.🤗14 Reasons Why You Got Blocked
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  • Adelphïné
    I got it. A troll is a digital version of an obscene phone-caller. ;)
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  • CasaNorba
    you forgot 15 and that is...

    "because everything I just mentioned applies to me and blocking you is the only way I can denied it and sleep better at night"
  • coolbreeze
    Very true and great points.
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    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the feedback ♥️♥️♥️

    • coolbreeze

      Your very welcome.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ordinarygurl_
    I feel like I’m getting called out here lol
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    • Anonymous

      Oh no lol 😂🤣 thanks for reading and leaving feedback ♥️♥️♥️

    • Ofc :)

  • CT_CD
    Thank you
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    • Anonymous

      You're welcome! 💗💗💗

  • Anonymous
    Great post! These are all valid reasons.

    I think some less common reasons could also be that a person has some sort of personal issue going on in their lives as well. There are times when people are blocked for seemingly no reason, when the issue may belong to the blocker.

    Some people are in controlling relationships where they are demanded to block people of the opposite sex (or their partner snoops on their phone and does the blocking themselves), a person might be running from their past and trying to run from everyone who was a part of that past, or it could be some other shocking issue that may not even be about you, etc. These aren't always the case of course, but they may be in instances of people wondering why they were blocked after there was never a disagreement and everything seemed fine.
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    • Anonymous

      I absolutely adore your response. Thanks so much for writing such detailed feedback. I am very appreciative. Thanks for reading ♥️♥️♥️

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, and no problem! :)

  • Anonymous
    You forgot to mention 15 "the person doing the blocking was a overly sensitive snowflake who can't bear to hear anything that doesn't support her view of the world." That one is disturbingly common.
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    • Anonymous

      Please refer to number 5. I already covered it. 👍😇 Thanks for the feedback. ♥️♥️♥️

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for reading ♥️♥️♥️