Signs you have been blocked by a user

This mytake is for users who probably don't realize they have been blocked. If you already know the signs of being blocked then you don't need to read further. Signs you have been blocked by a user

1. If you try to up vote or down vote an anon user and you get told you can not because you have been blocked. This is one of the most obvious signs.

2. One of the not so obvious signs you have been blocked is that if you mention a user using the "@" symbol and you spell their name correctly and it stays black. You have been blocked by the user! For example, if someone post an opinion comment on your opinion and you want to mention them and it stays black you were blocked.

3. You are unable to comment under a user's opinion. Again, this is one of the no duh signs that you have been blocked.

4. You try to message the user and it tells you that you can't as soon as you press the message button.

5. You are unable to answer the user's question (non anonymous) .

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