Can Virtual Friendships Be True?

Can Virtual Friendships Be True?

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"Appreciation, respect, support... There are many ingredients of friendship that do not require physical presence. However, are they enough to hold the bond through a screen?"

Technology has evolved the ways of communication and relationship, enabling, for example, virtual friendship. There are many people who decide to be a part of the online universe aiming to know and to connect with others.

Most of the times, we use the Internet to establish a first contact that can later be made in real life. But the question is:

Is it possible to establish and maintain a true friendship through this channel?

Is it REAL?
Is it REAL?

With the advancement of modernity, we have never been so connected and at the same time so far from others. We've come to a point where we wonder what, in fact, is real.

In life, we learn that friendships exist in various forms and motives. We have friends we've known since we were kids, friends from school, work friends, party friends. No matter the origin of the relationship, the only thing in common is the mutual, unconscious interest in what the other person may offer you. I don't mean material things, I mean the fact that friendships are a two-way street relationships. You don't just get what you need, you must give it in return.

It is logical to conclude that there are certain types of friendship that are not feasible through a screen. If you have a virtual friend, you can't hug them or go to a bar with them on weekends.

However, there are many other ingredients of friendship that are present in virtual relationships.

Disinterested Friendship...

Since there is no common context that forces interaction (as occurs in kinship and work relationships), the relationship established online is totally voluntary. It will sustain itself in shared interests and values and in a great personal affinity. Both will decide to keep the bond because they find it enriching and satisfying. Friendship will arise from a genuine liking for the personality of the other.

Having virtual friendships requires time and many written conversations. Something that may seem banal, greatly makes it easier to use our ability to express and open ourselves to others. Writing helps us to connect with our feelings and share them in greater depth. In addition, it allows us to take the time necessary to appreciate the nuances of what the other is sharing with us.

I believe that there are three basic components in a friendship: Loyalty, Support and Confidence ~ things that are far from being affected by physical distance and capable of even being empowered.

The fact that a person is willing to give part of their time to invest it in building a bond with you is always satisfactory. In addition, the value of this gesture multiplies when both have different lives, are geographically separated and, nevertheless, prioritize the care of this friendship.

The bond is not an illusion...
The bond is not an illusion...

In short, we can conclude that a virtual friendship can never replace the physical contact and shared experiences of a traditional friendship. However, there are times when we meet really interesting and similar people, although they are physically distant from us. In these moments, it is important to value these people, even if you do not yet know them in person.

For true friendships full of love are rare to find and impossible to give up.

"There are no virtual friends on the Internet. They are REAL friends we just haven't met yet"

Distance is nothing when it comes to a real friend
Distance is nothing when it comes to a real friend

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Can Virtual Friendships Be True?
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  • OlderAndWiser
    I force myself to remember that English in not your primary language! This was very well written, organized, has depth in the vocabulary, and above all else, is a very thoughtful consideration of the subject. I value the few friends that I have made on this site and wish that I could meet all of them in person. . . and there is one in particular, who I shall not name, but if she reads this opinion, she will know that I am talking about her.
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  • Jjpayne

    I loved this article!! Two things stick out at me

    "I believe that there are three basic components in a friendship: Loyalty, Support and Confidence"

    I could not agree more! Well said!

    "There are no virtual friends on the Internet. They are REAL friends we just haven't met yet"

    This to me is such a great sweet summary of your article. And it does inspire me to look forward to trying online only friendships
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  • AmandaYVR
    Absolutely they can be genuine friends.
  • Lliam
    What a great MyTake, Desconhecida. I agree with everything you said.
    I've made some pretty good friends on-line. These are people who don't live nearby and some of live on the other side of the world. We've never met in person and have no shared past.

    In my case, these friendships are based on shared values and interests, and mutual respect. We initially connect as a result of a certain political issue like, for example truth about Palestine or Syria. Some of my Facebook friends are extremely bright and informed. Some are independent journalists who travel to various countries. Some are researchers, etc. I value them more than I can say. But they respect me, as well, and we sometimes form bonds of virtual friendship.
    There are a few people on GAG with whom I have become friends for different reasons than I described above. They are simply nice people - funny, caring, bright and witty. I like them a lot.

    The thing about virtual friends is, it's almost impossible to get to know them deeply in the same way you would if you could sit and chat for hours. I find that kind of intimacy very difficult when communicating in print. You can't engage in actual conversations with back and forth banter where you really get to see a person's personality. Plus, you can only type so much.

    That being said, friendships on a certain level can definitely be formed on-line. I treasure some of my virtual friends and would love to meet them some day.
  • ohshee
    I love that it's beautiful a true friend is hard to find weather in real life or cyber life I can tell you this I love and I hate cyber friendships because I need to feel that's what I hate but what I love if you know who you are with in words can touch words can feel and in saying thst and being able to do that it opens ourselves up for a greather growth of self ,, in the real word we meet ,, we look at a person and we say beautiful we see the person being the person we see on the out side and as our friend ship grows we learn more about them and who they really are that comes from with in ,, in a cyber friend we meet the real them the person on the inside the bond can come deeper faster and in time I would say it's a stronger friend ship in this day and time with the world changing do fast today is just the beginning of to come covid 19 open the door for all to start happening to where we are on a lock down type thing so I thin more and more people share a bond via cyber space I can tell you this your words your thoughts your truth yourself and how you feel about friend ship is BADASS ITS REAL ITS LOVE ITS BEAUTIFUL AND SO IS YOUR HEART I Read it 3 times and I still didn't take it all in because your saying more than your saying I wish every one here on GaG. And in this world would read this because for me you made me feel you you touched me and you are the type of person in this word thst I would love to call friend best friend because you get it and you are it I thank you so much for this you are just a straight up beautiful person
  • I had a virtual friend for three years before we met in real life. We were always the best of friends and after meeting we were inseparable.
  • have_a_good_day
    Did you write this? Because it's very good..
    I'm not a native English speaker but if I read well written things like this it feels like my brain is being hugged. I like brain hugs.

    Anyway... I just wanted to say that I have an online friend who I've never met before. We've been friends since 2004. I call her Fresca and she calls me Fresca. We've always had each other's backs.
  • GothRose2
    No, in my opinion you can’t trust anyone online, unless you've met the person in real life. They could be lying about their identity..
    They'll also easily forget you and dump you, when they're bored or the real world calls for them (sometimes without even a goodbye).
  • RingOfFire
    Friendship? Sure. Why not. What is a friend but someone to be there to listen and talk to. Physical realm not required for talk.

    Romantic love? No. Can't be virtual. It requires the physical realm.
  • bklynbadboy1
    I agree with some of what you said but not all of virtual friendship can be whatever you wanted to be if the 2 people in law of wanted to be a real friendship then it will just depend on the 2 or 3 or however many friends that are involved in it and what they make it
  • Luna1998
    Virtual friendships for me never last long, i get bored easily and keeping oline all the time is hard for me, so it depends on their routines as well on how you manage your time to keep the relationship going
  • It's one thing to converse with some one line. But true friendships are hard to come by in real life.

    As for love online. I think that is more of a teenager thing. Love takes various forms but to get the type of love that is intense and needs to be expressed in physical ways sometimes. That on gonna happen online.

    I guess my point is certain levels of "friendship" . Some you can find online. Others are immpossible.
  • igaveyouanickname
    Virtual can't fix you soup or kiss you good night.

    It's like taking cocaine for weight loss and energy rather than exercising.

    Put the screen away and find something real.
  • MysteriousDarkness
    If it is just virtual meaning online then you are not friends. Friends hang out together offline. At one point in time it was called pen pals. Can you go for a hike or bike rude together online? No. Can you hang out at a campfire together online? No. Can you play board games online together? Yes but many you can not. One of you coukd make appetizers yo have while playing a fame but only one will be able to have them since you are online together. Can you have a cookout together online? No.
  • Chris_u006
    It depends on what kind of friend you are looking for online. The only thing you will not get with anything virtual is physical connection when truly needed.
    It's kind of the same thing to ask is human's only empty shells and objects or do we have a deeper meaning at all in life? Yes I do understand what you meant. But it needs deeper psychologic answers than that.
  • MLGbreezy
    Yes my best friend I met on this site and we are still friends to this day even tho we've never met irl we talk all the time
  • 240771damog
    Totally agree with you the world has changed and we are all having to adapt, an online friend can have just the same qualities as a friend who visits you
  • triff
    Virtual friends can work a long as honesty is used Maybe mutual interests
  • Avicenna
    It's not quite the same thing, but, to a large extent, yes, it's possible
  • TheAfrikan
    No @Desconhecida I have to say that thank you for taking your time and write this interesting take. You are true they are true friends we have not yet met.👍
  • Grond21
    Excellent as always! This is very true, and you can form very deep friendships with people around the world
  • apurv04
    Interesting, i am gonna guess you looked back and realized you lost some of your virtual friends.

    Virtual friendships do last, on the condition that you contact each other often enough to play the game

    virtual friendships can even fond deeper bonds on the condition that someone makes the effort to keep up the relationship. maintaining relationships that are not particularly close = effort from you or from your friend. If this effort is lacking, virtual relationships will fizzle out
  • Tayboyd
    Virtual relationships are lovely tbh. Easiest people to talk to.
    • Jamie05rhs

      Just be careful. Because you're only 14. Certain people may try to trick you and say they're something when they're not.

  • monkeynutts
    I think if you put in the effort you can be friends with any body now, does not matter how far away they are, it's imooimpor to never be lonely.
  • I have made good friends on here that I couldnr even on FB lol well that was Uninstalled like 4 years back anyways 😂.

    Here I have made a best friend i didn't really imagine it would click it was just magic patience persuation I guess 😅 but some people are just the opposite of the planet from where I stay there are people I can meet as well like @sensible27 lol would definetly like to meet this soul and it is possible other than him I would like to meet but I think it's like semi possible

    @VIVANT - fun fact I was brutally rejected by her once to meet in imagination lol 😂😜 🤓🙏 but I think it was my mistake although idont remember If it was 😛🙌

    But I hope to meet them in some distant future if possible
    But till then I am hust happy with posts and litlle chatting we do sometimes
    • Is it real?

      Yes I do believe it's real

      The Bond is not an illusion?

      It really takes time to assess and build a bond virtually than physical trust factor varies and time and patience will make the bond stronger the trick is not get to upset if someone sometimes looses it have heart to look post the errors and come to good understanding and don't stop talking bc if it's online only communication is what we have.

      Fuck Distance?

      Hmm its tricky in my view to say that distance is nothing when it comes to friends
      Now this could have multiple variations to look on physicality builds stronger bonds in my opinion actually bc you see what you get mostly and easier to grasp the character of person in reality but we can always talk and share online if you trust the person if not you have the advantage to block

  • Zygfrol
    Of course virtual friendship can be true. But it depends on several things:
    1. Is this a friendship of man and woman?
    2. Does one of "Friends" seek any profit for himself?
    3. What do personally you want from anpther person?
    I keep my word and if i make a friend i stand by that.
  • Machika
    Well it depends as to which how the relationship goes on
    Ps. On online relationship there are more chances of cheating than Irl , but you can give it a try too , no issues.
    Goodluck 👍
  • rienna888
    no, no friendships are true because all my friends betray me
  • Dougzy
    This my opinion, and the answer is no, typing words is easy. Actions are what really define any relationship of any type. All that this technology has done has allowed the flood gates of all sorts to evolve. My observations through the years men have become less masculine than women, more aggressive, and the expectations of the human race far more unrealistic. Delusional is the word I would use! the role people play in life has become more confused and the influence of the information highway has turned the general populous into robotic thinkers. It really does astound me how the ability to hold a conversation has declined in the last decade, although the level of abusive people has escalated
  • Gedaria
    Yes. you only have attraction by chatting and seeing each others bodies. Not just by the sexual part...
  • stuntbrain
    The ability of virtual friendship is possible But highly unlikely due to the ease of illegitimate profile info
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Why not? It's not impossible for anyone to talk normally as a person online. We're still social creatures even with internet.
  • Guanfei
    For me it's always real. I'm talking to a person, not to an app, or some lines on a screen. If I consider you as a friend, it's real.
  • wal32
    Yes indeed it can be true. I met a friend online and we have been frnd for more than 2 years now
  • MannMitAntworten
    “Virtually”true as true can allow for it I suppose.
  • The_Outlaw
    For some perhaps but in my case, they just never last. Such is life.
    • The_Outlaw

      Oh, wow. Fo real? I feel so special! Not.

  • robertKugler
    I don't see why not... all aspects of a friend ship can be conveighed through a virtual medium.. moral support etc..

    It just depends on how u nurture it. how you value or perceive the exchange of information.. is up to the parties involved.. it possible to get to know a person as good or better than people you physically have contact with.. one can tell a person's authenticity.. whether they r of good character by how they conviegh opinions n what attitudes they express. Their talking your jive than it's safe to say they r likely just as true as many of the false friends you've met or still know and see in person..
    May any one be so lucky
  • renetorress573
    We are living in a technology era in which most of the person live in a virtual world. They have no time for their family and others. Cause of corona, people used to the more virtual world. Children and older people use a more virtual world.
    If we talk about "Virtual friends can be true" then I have to say that virtual friends can be true but we need to be aware because no one knows that who is there on the other side. So at last I must say that make friends but be aware. Have a nice day.
  • Jamie05rhs
    I totally agree!
    • Jamie05rhs

      @HiginaMootu Stop spamming people. You can add new accounts all day long but you're just going to keep getting blocked.

  • Beautiful
    Just like you
  • Gwenhwyfar
    Great Take 💗
  • prakhindev92
    Yes of course try me! , I can be a friend
  • loveslongnails
    Yes, very much so.
  • msc545
    Interesting mytake - thanks!
  • consice
    Yes if both feel the same
  • Sergian
    Friendships yes, but relationship no
  • Sthgjstlikethis
  • AsDaGask
    *shakes head*
  • Cowboy6666
    yes i consider them true for myself
  • Marie_24
    Yes, it is possible :)
  • Apurbo_Datta
    I was try lot. Sometime work sometimes doesn't