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Why You Still Haven't Found 'The One'

'The One' - as a female growing up watching Disney films and reading fairytales, I was always taught that my prince charming was going to suddenly appear into my life on a white horse. And every time I went on an unsuccessful date or was let down by a guy I would question where MY prince charming was? When was he going to magically come into my life?

The truth is, you are your own 'The One'.

After years and years of unsuccessful talking stages and superficial short-term relationships I realised that the issue was way deeper than Rapunzel's who was patiently waiting to be rescued from her castle by her prince.

Happiness and fulfilment comes from within and it doesn't come from a partner. The truth is 'The One' should have the role of inspiring you and helping you work towards becoming the best version of yourself so that you are actively pursuing your goals, ambitions and passions (and vice versa!)

I don't know who needs to hear this but: you need to have a healthy relationship with yourself in order to have a healthy relationship with your partner.

Being single is a blessing - ok, hear me out on this one.

Living your life while not owing anybody anything is a blessing. You have the opportunity to discover who you are (i.e. your passions, ambitions, needs) and in turn you learn about what you need in a partner, so that you can make informed decisions and avoid toxic situations. You start making the right decisions for yourself when it comes to choosing a partner.

After you discover your needs and desires in a partner, you can start becoming, developing and harnessing those traits yourself. You want a fit partner? Hit the gym! You want someone who's doing well financially? Work harder to earn that pay-check!

Simultaneously, you start becoming confident in yourself and independent. Be 'The One' for yourself and watch how your life will transform.

The right people will start coming into your life, but ultimately, you are always going to be your own soulmate.

Let me know what you think! :)

Why You Still Havent Found The One
Why You Still Haven't Found 'The One'
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  • KenReidCoach
    I completely agree with this. To compliment what you said, there is no "The One" for us in love. There's plenty of lovers in the ocean. We can love deeply with many but having a relationship that lasts does require us to be comfortable with who we are and being happy in ourselves first. If we can't do that then we give a lot of our power away to the wrong individuals.
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  • johnsmall23
    I think you shouldn't view Disney's opinion on what a prince charming is and listen to your opinions. If you get too caught up in other people's ideas o how an ideal guy should look you'll miss out on many good guys.
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    • Alyssa11

      This is something I will definitely be passing onto my future kids when they grow up watching Disney.

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