First Love is Boon and a Bane


We all had experienced love. Probably many times in our life times. But the first one is always special. It's pure and innocent. When we fall in love, think someone as our partner, it all feels good. That butterflies in stomach (or whole zoo if that person makes you feel that way). You feel new about yourself. starting to love yourself more, feeling good when the partner speaks or flirts. we never think of what happens in the future. all we think of is being with that person, for a very long time. But things change, though we don't like them to. That's life. I was so rude and head strong and she got hurt and she finally chose to leave. Didn't even respond my calls or any of my messages. It felt like I stopped existing and as if I was drowning. I needed to get out of it. it was killing me. But that ws not what I wanted. I wanted to keep thinking of her. till I went crazy. Till my friends stopped trying to make me stop thinking, till my friends tried to make me speak at least. Somehow a girl got me out of it. And I fell for her. Even then I couldn't completely stop thinking about my first. It was hard, but my heart grown wise. I couldn't forget her in a snap just like that. I realized, the memories will always be with me no matter what. That person will always be somethign special to you and always be at the corner of your heart for the rest of your life.

First Love is Boon and a Bane
First Love is Boon and a Bane
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  • Anonymous
    Very true. Not just your first love but it can happen to later loves as well. Enjoy it while you can and try not to do anything that you'll regret if things don't work out. That way you won't blame yourself

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