A woman hitting a man it's not funny, it's abuse

A woman hitting a man its not funny, its abuse

Movies, cartoons and other medias actually portray a woman or girl hitting a boy or a man as something funny or comical, when actually it isn't.

It's one of the most grave forms of abuse and "just because" it was a woman doing it, it doesn't means it's less horrifying compared to when a man hits a woman.

A woman hitting a man its not funny, its abuse

It's painful, it's humiliating, it destroys trust.

I already have very little trust and such a gesture really brittles whatever little I had left. Plus I'm sick and suffering from a deabilitating condition, which means the damages of physical harm are amplified on me.

My mother knew this, and yet she dared - DARED - to strike me in the face not once, but twice. Because I refused to give her money and made it clear I want her to stay out of my sight for some time because I can't stand her anymore.

A woman hitting a man its not funny, its abuse

Afterwards she started to shed crocodile tears, crying she was sorry and that she just got agitated, trying to hug me (and I put some distance at that). When I pushed her away from me - very delicately - because she was basically backing me against a wall, she threw herself on the floor with a melodramatic scream. Picture this - she struck me so hard it got my ears ringing, but when I put my hands in front of me to not let her come close she made that scene.

A woman hitting a man its not funny, its abuse

Then she pulls the "I'm your mother and you must respect me" card. And I remind her she just pushed me out from between her legs, but apart from that she's not my mother and I see her as the narcissistic, self-absorbed and thieving two-cents whore she is. She didn't raise me, never cared for me, only saw me as an annoyance first and a walking wallet later.

I'm sick of her and I'm sick of those people in general. In this period I'm helping out a person who has a violent situation at home, and like hell I want to live something like this person is doing.

I think I'm done with her. My fiancée is willing to witness on my behalf even if she wasn't present against her should I decide to press charges, which I'm considering.

A woman hitting a man its not funny, its abuse

Remember when you'll feel the impulse of hitting someone out of anger, with your hands or some weapon. A moment of anger can earn you a lifetime of misery.

A woman hitting a man it's not funny, it's abuse
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    Based on what you have shared, your mother is a narcissist and an abuser.
    She doesn't seem to care about other people's boundaries and feelings.
    She keeps close to her only people that benefit her in some ways.
    Even by giving her negative attention, you are providing her with fuel.
    Those people are vampires, they feed on your energy.
    They are empty, a void.
    Try as much as you can to stay away from her because she will continue feeding on your energy and she will keep demanding your time, money and attention. That is what she lives for.

    And yes, I completely agree, a woman hitting a man, is not comical nor is it ever justified, unless she is defending herself.
    • I think you are right and I agree she's a narcissist and has many issues.
      But for some reason I do feel bad for her and I understand that some things that happened to her just weren't right - for example, my father was around 35 and she was 16 when they started their relationship, and I know she suffered because he used her and then threw her away.
      Still I'm angry at her because she took it out on me and did a number of horrible things over the years, to me and other people who theoretically she should have "loved".
      So on one hand I see her as a victim and I want to be close to her, but on the other she is an abuser and I resent her for it.

    • Account

      She might have suffered and she might have had a difficult life, but that doesn't mean her actions are justified.
      Please, be wary and try to stay safe.

  • shade_19
    Well by ur previous posts and this one, I'm sry but ur mom seems like a bitch.
    If u want to put charges on her. Surely go for it
    But just leaving her alone would be what i would do, just not stay under the same roof
    Just giving her money enough to survive, and nothing more
    Letting her live alone by herself
  • _no_one_
    She has to reach up here in order to slap me. Rip she can't sad.
  • kespethdude
    Generally speaking, it's true. But if the guy has a BDSM fetish...
  • Y2KxD
    I'd smack the shit right back. Equal rights,. equal rights.
  • msc545
    It isn't funny, and it's illegal as well.
  • Yeah
  • Anonymous
    Prefacing that she should have never hit you and that she clearly did wrong, I want to unpack this.
    I don't think she hit you for the money.

    From your posts in the last weeks I've gathered that she's been putting a lot of work in getting close & build a relationship with you, while you kept rejecting her and toying with her emotions.
    I suspect you have been achieving this by using your illness as well.

    Today you drop the bomb on her: you don't want to see and hear from her, you are sick of her, etc.
    She basically saw herself getting cut off from her sick son, and promptly lost it.
    Maybe she wasn't there for you when you grew up and when you needed her, but it seems to me this woman is doing her damnest to be with you NOW.

    And you want to take revenge upon revenge on her.
    At least make yourself a long self exam before deciding to press charges against your mother that despite everything loves you and can't stand the thought of losing you.