People on GAG seem to think men are solely visual creatures but I disagree. I think it depends in the person.

People on GAG seem to think men are solely visual creatures but I disagree. I think it depends in the person.

I feel like I had put up with so much shit from my first boyfriend for years because I found him so irresistibly adorable.

It may just be that I am a highly visual woman and appreciate aesthetics and beautiful things a lot and get blinded by them I mean I am a Taurean and possess all the traits of a typical Taurus so...

People on GAG seem to think men are solely visual creatures but I disagree. I think it depends in the person.

Some people even put it down to the fact that I may just be super horny BUT It’s more than just being horny because although I have a very high sex drive I rarely feel like I would want to bang someone as in just anyone. I’m picky. Very picky.

People on GAG seem to think men are solely visual creatures but I disagree. I think it depends in the person.

However, that pickiness seems to just be that I have a really particular type when it comes to physical appearance of the men I like. They tend to have dark hair, dark eyes, sharp noses, strong maxillas and high cheekbones + thick brows. They also never tend to be below 5’9.

Since a lot of men seem to be willing to fuck anything that moves it makes me think they’re not as visual as they’re made out to be. For me visual means someone who is analytical about what they look at and who carefully analyses things like we analyse portraits however others may argue that men are indeed visual because just looking at a pair of breasts no matter how saggy, small or loose they are will turn them on whereas for women it doesn’t work that way. I’ve had guy friends send me pictures of some very loose young girls where I was pretty appalled by their choices.

Women are definitely more picky about whom they settle down with because financial stability is something that is just drilled into a girl’s minds from childhood so they might compromise on attraction slightly for comfort if that is their priority but it doesn’t mean they find the guy attractive.

As far as conventional factors for beauty go, for women the required features are things like a v-shaped and small jaw, a small nose, big almond shaped eyes, high and arched brows, full apples of the cheek - basically a heart shaped face, flawless skin, thick hair, plump lips and an hourglass body however almost all men settle for women who don’t have these features.

For men it is things like having thick brows, a strong square shaped maxilla and high cheekbones.

More women look for tall and handsome flings when they’re just screwing around than men who’ll even have sex with a not so good looking girl whilst he’s goofing around.

So aren’t we all visual in our own ways? Or perhaps it’s an individual thing. Some people are not as fussed by physical appearance.

People on GAG seem to think men are solely visual creatures but I disagree. I think it depends in the person.
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  • ohshee
    Very nice I love that because you are right and you are right to about we all are picky in our own way some guys just look at the outside of a girl for me personally I can't do that I want to know who she is I want to feel the girl on the inside that energy who she really is and only looking deep is going to tell you that and listening to her talk see you're being very beautiful in the lot different ways You're Beautiful on the inside because you're carrying you're loving your giving you have a beautiful heart and your beautiful on the outside and as for saggy boobs and all that kind of crap it is what it is if I like you and whatever you come with is I'm going to like it and I will tell you how much I like you by the things that I do I look at it like this I wouldn't know who the person is on the inside if I deduct that person do the outside of a person is just an extra bonus
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  • jasco
    Don't get me wrong we love eye candy but we do enjoy being around people who are amazing on the inside to. We have emotions and from time to time we express them
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  • AviatorTom
    There are three ways that people learn: visual, textual and audible.

    Statistically, most women are textual and audible learners, while most men are visual learners. The best presentations include all three.

    There are, of course, individual exceptions.
  • RealMarek
    On average men are more visual than women in terms of what causes arousal, but there is a lot of variation among individuals so you will find some women who are more visually oriented in this sense and some men who are less so. What you mentioned has more to do with selectivity. Women are generally more selective in mating than men as a consequence of how humans evolved.
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  • anon1903
    Um, just one thing honey. If you send a random guy your boob pics, would he be aroused? Hell yeah! If you receive dick pics, would you be? Nope, nopeeee...

    I rest my case.
  • cookiecrusher
    Everybody is visual when it comes to finding someone hot. It's normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

    Everybody also have the ability to fall for people less hot visually but with nice personality. Doesn't happen very often though.
  • Dragonpurple
    Visual is a lot of it, but your right. It isn't the only part. I find personality matters a great deal.
  • Shy_Steve
    I think we are all picky, But we are a little bit different in what we like in a person.
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  • Djaay
    I've definetly learned over all my years about women and just how visual they really are. They use they're eyes for selection candidates then they're senses for detailed expectations they're interested in. They're pricise interest overrides all priorities and desires for them. If at a glance he isn't eye candy and of some type of interest she's apt to accomidate , he's marked of suddenly either as friend zone or back burner or stampted reject. Most times a mans character and personality only pacifies a woman till she finds her main interest of personal gain.
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  • KostasKouvalis
    That's so interesting, because I always hear that women only want to see guys naked that they have an emotional connection to, but I assure you, not all girls are like this.

    I never would've guessed you have a high sex drive. Though I HAVE met people who do, but still want to wait 'til marriage.

    I'm kind of the same as you. I don't want to wait 'til marriage, but I have a really high sex drive and very high standards. Though I care more about intelligence than looks. Well if I want to date her, I'm more picky on aesthetics, but if I just want to have sex or be friends with her, I mainly just care about her personality/intelligence level.
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  • msc545
    If a man has money that seems to solve the problem with meeting women.
  • jesus8395903
    honey you are so wrong
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  • Nahid1707
    Good my take
  • NYlatefun
    I think you’re completely right!