3 responsibilities men and women each have in a relationship.

3 responsibilities men and women each have in a relationship.

Hey guys, quick important topic I'm going to be talking about. In any relationship it is incredibly important to remember that men and women both have a responsibility to each other. I'm going to share with you three very important ones. If you can master these three, you will absolutely increase happiness in your relationship.

Here we go!

1 Security.

Security in a relationship is one of the most important things there is. Will you love me? Will you protect me? Will we have a future together? All super important for men and women to give their partner. You have to let your partner know these things, with your words yes, but also with your actions. Let them know you are on their side, and willing to stick with them through anything. And those same things must be given to you too. If you ever feel like you are not getting those things, communicate. I can't tell you how many countless problems there are that could have been avoided if the couples were just honest and open. So give and get security in your relationship, on a spiritual, mental, and physical basics. You must know where you stand with a partner, and where you stand should be somewhere solid. Very important.

2 Time.

You should always, make time, spend time, and give time, to your partner. Let me explain. Make time, go above and beyond for your man or woman, let them know that they are the most important thing to you. That you can put off watering the plants and or watching football, just to spend more time with them. Making time for someone is a sign of honor, and men and women should both show their partner honor. Spend time, when you are together, don't just waste time. You should always always always apply the time you share. To learn more about each other, comfort each other, or go out and have fun. You must never waste time together, time is precious and worth so much, it is ever fleeting and you only get so much of it, so spend it wisely and intentionally. Give time, if your man or woman needs time off, or time away, or just time to settle things in their life. Give them time. Give them time away if they need it. Don't hold on too tight.

3 Balance.

Too much sugar makes you sick, too much salt makes you dry, too much bland just sucks. Balance who you are and balance how much affection, space, kindness, honesty, and everything else you give. Sometimes you need to be honest and say, "your hair doesn't look good that way." Sometimes you need to be loving and say, "You look perfect." A balanced meal is what you need, don't always be sweet, fight over really stupid small things that don't even make either of you angry. Play fight at times, trust me it lessens the blows of real fights. If you're used to your partner saying something like, "Oh you don't like spinach? How dare you you cabbage head!?" Then when you get a real insult, it still feels pretend coming from them. Be sweet, salty, bland, spicy, be a good meal. Sometimes you need to pull on sweet, sometimes you need to pull on spicy, sometimes you don't. But it's important to be balanced so if your partner needs that, you already have it.

Hopefully that helps you understand important give and takes of a relationship. If you have questions or comments feel free to go for it.

3 responsibilities men and women each have in a relationship.
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