What makes you a sexist?

What makes you a sexist?

I have all this vast dating experiences as a hetro-sexual male. Essentially, all my experiences in the dating world have been with woman, and all personal knowledge has been gained from the male perspective with woman.

I have dated dozens of woman, I have see all types of things that woman do within relationships, as a man. I know nothing about being a woman, I honestly do not. But how many heterosexual women know about dating other woman? What do woman know about what a man thinks when 'HE" is dating a woman?

I often answer and provide perspective on many relationship topics, and I am often accused of being sexist. This leads me to ask what makes a person sexist? Am I a sexist?

After some self-reflection on this subject, I have come to a real and legit truth about this subject. I love woman, but with that said I have had a lot of really terrible experiences with woman, I would say traumatic on some level... but there are a lot of toxic people in the world regardless of gender. When you see some of these posts, you see signs of things in the way they speak and things they say that make you think. It is really nice and convenient way to shut down by accusing someone of being a sexist.

This is the problem with the Sexist debate... it's not about thinking men are better than woman. It's about recognizing that men and women are different. It's not about denying the biological and scientific facts that a woman can do everything a man can do, because if that was true then a man could do everything a woman could do... but we all know this is not true. Men definitely cannot do everything a woman can do, and neither can woman do what a man can do.


For example, a woman, has never been the strongest, or fastest human on the planet. This pretty universal in all sports in general. It's not always true in all sports, but in general it is true. It is scientific fact that men, on average are 10% to 15% faster runners at all distances then woman on all levels of competition. Males' upper bodies, on average, have 75% more muscle mass and 90% more strength than females'




Obviously child birth is something a man can not do, and would never claim that we could. So, men fundamentally recognize we can't do ever thing a woman can. But on average woman do better in school.

The latest data from the Pew Research Center uses U.S. Census Bureau data to show that in 2012, 71 percent of female high school graduates went on to college, compared to 61 percent of their male counterparts.

So basically, the number college enrollment for woman continue to rise, whereas male enrollment is flat lined.


So, it is sexist to assume that men are faster and more athletic than woman, and that woman are smarter than men?

Science would suggest that these assessments would on average be true... but to say that is deemed sexiest. But simple truth is that woman and men, bring equal value to society at large. But to say they can do anything a man or woman could do is scientifically impossible, and that is not sexist.

If a man uses his physical strength in a forceful way against a woman, he is woman abuser. But if two men have a physical confrontation, it's just a fight. Why? Because woman are weaker then men, and its generally accepted as a basic fact. That is not to say every man is stronger then every woman, but in general its true more times then not. like 75% of time, it is true.

But if a woman uses her superior whit or intelligence, she is considered clever and smart. She in not taking advantage of anyone just because she is smarter. Thats a fair statement, right? But if a man used his physical strength to take advantage of a woman, that would be wrong right?

Honestly men and woman are both wrong regardless of if it is mental, emotional or physical abuse. But abuse does happen in all types of different ways, and to call that out is not sexist when you have experienced it and seen it. The difference is that when a woman out smarts a man, the man is just stupid... and being stupid doesn't make you a victim. But a woman that endures physical abuse is definitely a victim. Both these cases are sexist in my opinion, but people often subscribe to one but want to neglect the other.

Sexism is judging people by their sex when sex doesn't matter. Sexism is intended to rhyme with racism." Sexism may be defined as an ideology based on the belief that one sex is superior to another. It is discrimination, prejudice, or stereotyping based on gender.

Feminism is about all genders having equal rights and opportunities. It's about respecting diverse women's experiences, identities, knowledge and strengths, and striving to empower all women to realize their full rights.

So, if feminist are "stereotyping based on gender", they would sexist right? You see the irony in this, right? For example, feminist will insist they are not getting paid equally compared to men. This is actually a fact. Its a undisputed fact. Feminist will use these statistical facts to promote their political agenda.

Last year, a study by Octopus HR found that women take 63% more instances of sick leave per year than their male colleagues. In February, this was followed by a survey from the Office for National Statistics that women are 42% more likely to take sick days than men.


Most men including myself, will admit that childbirth is a main reason why woman miss work due to sick leave. But when she is not at work who is doing the work?

If feminist were all about gender equality, why are they not promoting maturity leave for men, so woman can get back to work sooner?


Look at the hypocrisy of the Feminist mission statement.

- "genders having equal rights and opportunities."

- "It's about respecting diverse women's experiences, identities, knowledge and strengths, and striving to empower all women to realize their full rights."

In the United States, what rights do woman not have that men do? And if it is about gender equality, what is it feminist are promoting for men to feel empowered so they can achieve their full rights and potential?

All these studies about woman and men and gender... all they do is substantiate that woman and men are different. But we already knew that right?

So, why is it we can't celebrate the differences equally, and still respect each other more for those difference then similarities? By and large we men still want to love and be with woman, and woman still love and want to be with men... why?

Because men love woman and woman love men. I love woman because I am a man, and I love them because they are not men, nor do I want them to be men or act like men. I want my woman to be a woman, and act like woman, but still respect the fact that I am not a woman. So if the belief is that "Feminism is about all genders having equal rights and opportunities." then you have to recognize that men and woman are universally different.

Sexism is judging people by their sex when sex doesn't matter. This is true... but when it comes to dating, when does their gender not matter when it comes to perceptive? Because men are men, and woman are woman... so perspective matters. Because its scientific fact that woman and men are not the same.

So, when you acknowledge those differences and state them, does that really make you a sexist?

What makes you a sexist?
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