I hate my boyfriend's best friend and I don't know how to deal with it?

Background: Last year, I was single and had a crush on his best friend. We went out on a date, he said he's interested and schedule more dates with me. But stood me up 5 times in a row. The last "date" was on Valentine's day. I had enough and accused him of leading me on. He keep saying he fell asleep or forgot. My friends gossiped about me on how they think he's really not that interested and felt sorry for me. I felt humiliated. Gullible. And a fool that's been blinded all along. Every time I think about it, even to this day, I blush fully from the embarrassment and feel extremely angry for being that vulnerable.

Right now, I'm dating my current boyfriend who's best friends with my ex-crush. Actually they've been besties since 5th grade and we're all in our 2nd yr of college now. Because of the gigantic campus, I don't see his friend thank god. But he prank calls me on my bf's phone and pretends to be him when I text him. I feel violated. My boyfriend doesn't know his phone was stolen until the very end. I keep getting flashbacks from last year and it made me angry all over again to the point of tears.

He's a really nice guy, I'll admit. But I just hate the fact that he lead me on so long and made me look like a fool to everyone. He broke me and didn't seem like he cared how I felt that much. I hate it when people pity me. I hate looking weak. I hate how he didn't know how much he hurt me and thinks it's okay to act friendly like nothing ever happened. He made me felt this way and I hate him.

But I think it's making it hard on my boyfriend right now. He once told me he love me and cherish his friendship for so long that he doesn't want to ever come to the point of choosing one of us. I'm not trying to make him choose. I want to keep this problem between me and his friend only but of course my boyfriend will be eventually affected too and I can't control this situation fully. I know it's in the past but it still hurts like yesterday. And I don't know what to do about it.
I hate my boyfriend's best friend and I don't know how to deal with it?
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