How would you feel about your photographer boyfriend taking lingerie / nude photos of female models?

I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years with a 3 month split after 2.
He has a passion for photography & takes photos of anything. He does regular workshops to learn new skills & recently gone live with his website.
He recently went on a workshop where he took photos of a lingerie & nude model. He assures me it is nothing & that he has no desire for it to ever be anything. He says he doesn't fancy them & doesn't get a kick out it. He tells me I can trust him completely but at the moment he enjoys these shoots as they are laid back fun.
He recently joined an online site for models, photographers & MUA. He gets to see of pictures of models & is hoping to make a part time career.
my own insecurities about myself that I don't understand it or if there is anything in it. He has assured me so much it isn't anything to worry about, that he gets annoyed when I keep going on about it & asking. I guess I just feel why would he want to come home to me if he is spending time with beautiful models & especially in underwear or nude. I make a comment about him photography stunningly beautiful models & he stopped me in my tracks & asked why I don't ever think of myself stunning & beautiful. He always told me I'm the only one & I'm beautiful. He says he doesn't do it anymore because I don't listen & still insist on asking questions & going on about this subject.
I feel I may have concentrated too much on this & made it bigger than it was. my paranoid ways & I have made it something it never intended.
I am after opinions of others. I am very insecure person & I want to know if this is normal & if there isn't a need to worry?
He tells me that no matter how much he tells me it is nothing to worry about I don't listen. He gets annoyed now whenever I try asking about it because I've asked so many times already. I would never ask him not to I just want to opinions of other photographers partners.

Thank you K xx
How would you feel about your photographer boyfriend taking lingerie / nude photos of female models?
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