Boyfriend doesn't make an effort anymore?

So me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 11 months now. He changed a lot since the holiday in July & i know its normal to call and text less for guys after they get the girl and all but its not just that. He doesn't make time for me, he admitted to me that he hates texting and calling because we already know everything about eachother. When something is wrong with me (health, family etc) he gives the most apathic answers, for example, a few weeks ago i fainted (i have a bloodpressure problem but it doesn't happen that often) and i texted him & before that i asked him about his day and he only said that his day was good. Not how i was feeling or if i was okay or anything. He just doesn't invest, he never makes time but he does have time for friends and soccer and his family. Also, I'm not invited to his christmasdinner because I'm not family, okay i can understand it a little bit but we are almost a year together then and its Christmas okay... he nevers wants to join parties (for which he is also invited, because we share friends) and he does not even want to meet my father (i live with my mom, parents are divorced) So i know these are a lot of complaints but i still love him very much. He used to be great and i still have hope that its just school and stress but I don't know. His parents are also very weird and oldfashioned, we aren't allowed to have sex and they seriously check on us when were at his place. So we usually go to mine. It seems like he doesn't even care about me anymore, he never says i love you first or makes time or anything. We used to call everyday for several hours and now we call 10 minutes a week or smth. I know the texting and calling is normal but the rest? My bestfriend and mom say i should break up because he is making me unhappy. Tbh he is, but i love him too much and i just don't want to lose him. But I don't know if i can live with such an apathic person who doesn't care and thinks of me and only of himself. What should i do?
Boyfriend doesn't make an effort anymore?
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