I told my boyfriend to fuck off out of anger?

My boyfriend works Mon-Fri. He only talks 3-4 hours a day to me. I get mad cause he rather watch tv by himself or with his family. When I want him to go on this website to watch a movie with me he'll say later but not go on or say he doesn't have time and that his back hurts while sitting on a computer (he has a laptop). I told him that it's fine and that I could just watch a movie with someone else. The reason I got mad is cause I noticed whenever I want to hang out with him he says things like "oh my head, ow my stomach, ow i don't feel good, ow i'm tired" but when he's alone or watching tv with his fam he acts like he's fine until i tell him to watch a movie with me and that happened today again. So he ranted on about how his back hurts and that he's been feeling like this all day and I told him then why didn't he tell me earlier. I got mad and was like "if you don't like hanging out with me or you think i'm a boring girlfriend then fuck off." then he tells me he's going to go on to watch a movie and that he just needed to find a comfy chair or whatever and I texted him saying no. I'm just annoyed cause I just want to hang out my boyfriend but it seems like he rather watch it by himself or with his fam and I feel like his last choice sometimes.
I told my boyfriend to fuck off out of anger?
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